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Choosing a roof contractor?


If you need a roofing contractor, one phrase you’ll hear a lot of is, “do your homework.” Wise as that advice may be, most homeowners have no idea where to start. After all, “Roofing 101” isn’t taught in school.

Why does it matter? The reality is, choosing the wrong roofer today could mean an expensive disaster tomorrow. After seeing one too many homeowners faced with these disasters firsthand, Roof Crafters founder Chuck Magee decided to do something about it.

Chuck wanted any homeowner to be armed with the right questions to ask — and the red flags to watch out for — to effectively compare roofing companies and make an informed decision with confidence. The result is our “Choosing Your Roofer” guide. Available here, for free.

Think of it as the ultimate cheat-sheet for choosing a contractor you won’t regret. It could save you thousands, and it won’t even cost you a penny. So before you choose a roofing contractor, do yourself a favor for your wallet and your sanity. Read this guide first.

Because Roofing 101 Isn’t Taught In School.

Read Our “Choosing Your Roofer” Guide To Learn:

  • 5 questions to ask any roofing contractor
  • The “money-saving” mistake that could cost you thousands
  • 3 red flags to ignore at your own risk
  • The warranty buster some roofers won’t warn you about
  • 5 signs of a qualified roofing contractor
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