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Company History

Will Lampton has been in construction his entire adult life. Getting started in home remodeling and real estate as a Baton Rouge roofing contractor Will has almost three decades in home construction knowledge. Will has remodeled homes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma. Using this knowledge and experience we decided day one at Roof Crafters to be the best roofing contractor in Louisiana not the cheapest. At Roof Crafters we only use the best materials and have experienced crews to make sure your new roof is installed properly. Roof Crafters being a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master contractors has access to more training than any other Baton Rouge roofing contractor, Hammond or surrounding areas. At Roof Crafters we are constantly trained by CertainTeed and kept up to date on all technical information including new products, materials and best roof installation practices. Roof Crafters is the most technically advanced roofing contractor anywhere. At Roof Crafters we have our own proprietary cloud based software system to track and keep up with all aspects of our clients roofing and roof related jobs including warranty information, shingle type, shingle color when your roof was installed and all pictures of your project. Not only do we use what is called SSA Store Share Access only Roof Crafters clients have their very own SSA client portal where all your information is not only stored but is cloud based to assure our clients always have all the information related to your roofing project. Over 50% of Roof Crafters clients are insurance related wind or hail damage roof replacements and SSA is critical in storing our clients roofing information forever in case you sell your home or just can’t remember five years later what color the shingle is in case of another project related to your roofing job.

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