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When you think of a Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor, think of the peace of mind. You only call a roofing contractor if you have a serious roofing problem. Louisiana Roof Crafters’ trained professional project managers understand the stress you are having when you have a wide variety of problems with your roof and are trained to give you the best options.

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When Louisiana Roof Crafters opened as a roofing company years ago, we brought many innovations to the roofing industry. LA Roof Crafters was the first Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor to use the Equipter new-roof no-mess roofing debris removal system. The Equipter alone made the roofing industry in Louisiana shake.

Next, Louisiana Roof Crafters brought video digital analysis to Baton Rouge homeowners. This took the guesswork out of what was wrong with a Louisiana Roof Crafters client’s roof and showed each homeowner what roofing problems they had. LA RC allows our customers to use a roof calculator for a better understanding of their roofing price.

Then LA RC was the first Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor to give each homeowner their very own client portal so you could not only see your roofing project but have an online portal with access to all job photos, documents like insurance claims papers, insurance scope, as well as being able to do touch-less payments right from a cell phone.

Louisiana Roof Crafters was the first Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing company to utilize video to explain the entire roofing process and the entire home improvement construction process every time. Louisiana Roof Crafters has a YouTube video for every type of roof wash, roof repair, or new roof replacement. This way you know what you will be getting every step of the way for your roofing needs.

At LA Roof Crafters, we do not sell roofs. We provide excellent work and a roofing experience that is unmatched.

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Watch This Video of Louisiana Roof Crafter’s Explaining a Roof Repair

Watch this video of Will explaining a very common roof leak problem, a patio cover leaking. Will is going to walk you through the correct way to repair a leaky patio cover so you do not have to worry about a leaky roof during your family time.

Watch this client video testimonial to see how Louisiana Roof Crafters handles every roofing service. Watch as Mr. Tony Minnis talks about how our Baton Rouge Louisiana Roofing Contractor helped him with his Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing services. Then listen as Mr. Tony talks about how Louisiana Roof Crafters also helped get a new roof for his mom’s house.


Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor services: Licensed Roofer Providing Roof Repair & New Roof Installation Services

Check out this Baton Rouge, LA homeowner’s great five-star Google review. Louisiana Roof Crafters goes into every roof repair, and new roof replacement looking to make a Google five-star review with you! Follow the link in the five-star review and read as many of our Google reviews as you can. As your Baton Rouge Louisiana Roofing Contractor, we want you to read every Google review we have. They are not all perfect and neither are we, but you can see in our reviews we do not stop until you are 100% happy.

Louisiana Roof Crafters is a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor providing roof repairs, complete roof replacements, new metal roofing systems, roof washes, and skylight replacement services for residential and commercial clients throughout the Southeast Louisiana area.

Louisiana Roof Crafters are experts in handling insurance-related roofing claims with over 10-years of experience working with local insurance companies and is committed to offering the best advice on your roof damage claim. A quick online search for “roofing companies near me” and LA RC will be at the top of the list!

By utilizing the Equipter, no-mess new-roof system, Louisiana Roof Crafters can leave a much smaller footprint than the roofing companies in surrounding areas. Louisiana Roof Crafters was the first roofing company in the state to bring the Equipter to its residents.

LA Roof Crafters keeps proving it is a leader in the residential roofing industry. 

Listen to Michael Warren, Louisiana Roof Crafters operations manager, talk about the new service department for homeowners.

Louisiana Roof Crafters has certifications from the roofing industry’s biggest names. Louisiana Roof Crafters is a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor with the CertainTeed Corporation. CertainTeed has been in the residential and commercial roofing industry