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You only call a Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor if you have a serious roofing problem. Roof Crafters’ trained professional project managers understand the stress you are having when you have a roof leak or any other type of roofing problem.

When Roof Crafters opened in Baton Rouge a decade ago we brought many innovations to the Louisiana roofing industry. Roof Crafters was the first Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor to use the Equipter new-roof no-mess roofing debris removal system. The Equipter alone made the roofing industry in Louisiana shake.

Next, Roof Crafters brought video digital analysis to Baton Rouge homeowners. This took the guesswork out of what was really going on with your roof, Roof Crafters showed each homeowner what roofing problems they have.

Next, Roof Crafters was the first Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor to give each homeowner their very own client portal so you could not only see your project but have an online portal where you have access to all of your job photos, documents like insurance claims papers as well as being able to do touchless payments right from your cell phone.

This roofing CRM was so good that it is now sold under the name SSA, Store Share Access, and came directly from Roof Crafters.

Roof Crafters was the first Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor to utilize video to explain your roofing problems but also show how we fix your roof each and every time. Roof Crafters has a YouTube video for every type of roof wash, roof repair, or new roof replacement. This way you know what we are going to do every step of the way.

At Roof Crafters we do not sell roofs, we provide a roofing experience that is unmatched in Louisiana.

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Watch This Video of Roof Crafter’s Owner Will Lampton Explaining a Roof Repair

Watch this video of Will explaining a very common Baton Rouge Louisiana roof leak problem, a patio cover leaking. Will is going to walk you through the correct way to repair a leaky patio cover so you do not have to worry about a leaky roof during your family time.

Watch this client video testimonial to see how Roof Crafters handles every roofing client. Watch as Mr. Tony Minnis tells about how Roof Crafters helped him with his Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing services. Then listen as Mr. Tony talks about how Roof Crafters also helped get a new roof for his mom’s house.

Roof Crafters video

Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor services: Licensed Baton Rouge Roofer Providing Roof Repair & New Roof Installation Services

Check out this Baton Rouge homeowner’s great five-star Google review. Roof Crafters goes into every roofing job looking to make a Google five-star review with you! Follow the link in the five-star review and read as many of our Google reviews as you can. At Roof Crafters, we want you to read every Google review we have. They are not all perfect and neither are we but you can see in our reviews we do not stop until you are 100% happy.

Roof Crafters is a premier Baton RougeLouisiana roofing contractor providing roof repair, new residential asphalt roof installation, new metal roofing systems, and skylight replacement services for residential and commercial clients in Baton Rouge and surrounding cities. Roof Crafters are experts in handling insurance-related roofing claims and is committed to offering the best workmanship warranties in the state of Louisiana.

Utilizing the Equipter, no mess new roof system. Roof Crafters is capable of leaving a much smaller footprint than other roofing companies. Roof Crafters was the first roofing company in the state of Louisiana to bring the Equipter to roofing.


Roof Crafters keeps proving it’s a leader in the roofing industry. Roof Crafters developed its very own roofing CRM so every client of Roof Crafters has their very own client portal. Now called SSA and sold nationally to other roofing companies, this technology was first developed by Roof Crafters just for our roofing clients.

Now listen to a special episode of the Roof Crafters podcast with Michael Warren, Roof Crafters operations manager local to Hammond Louisiana talking about the brand new customer service department. Listen to Michael take a deeper dive than the video talking all about the new customer service department for Baton Rouge.
Lets Talk Roofs

Roof Crafters has certifications from the roofing industry’s biggest names. Roof Crafters is Select Shingle Master with the CertainTeed Corporation. CertainTeed has been around since 1904 and has been recognized as the top brand in not only roofing but siding as well. With the power of CertainTeed, Roof Crafters is able to offer fifty-year warranties. CertainTeed gives Roof Crafters the backing so Baton Rouge homeowners can have true peace of mind with any project with Roof Crafters.

Roof Crafters is also a Preferred roofing contractor with Owens Corning Corporation. Everyone knows the Pink Panther, the Owens Corning mascot. Owens Corning is not only known for its roofing shingles but also its attic insulation. Check out this link to the Roof Crafters profile page on the Owens Corning website of the best Preferred roofing companies in Baton Rouge. Roof Crafters is the only Owens Corning award-winning Preferred roofer on the list. 

Roof Crafters is also Top Of The House certified with Owens Corning. With the Top Of The House certification, Roof Crafters is positioned to give homeowners expertise in attic insulation projects as well. Roof Crafters will explain to you how your attic ventilation and insulation work as a system along with your roof. All being your complete roofing system.

Roof Crafters is the only 5-Star Velux Skylight installer in the state of Louisiana. Once again Roof Crafters shows how we are different from all other roofing companies in Baton Rouge and the entire state of Louisiana. No other roofing companies in Baton Rouge or the state of Louisiana for that matter hold all the certification from the roofing industry’s top companies.

A Little About Our Great City Of Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge, LA, USA

As the capital of Louisiana, Roof Crafters service area Baton Rouge is a growing metropolis that is full of unique features. From the historic Neo-Gothic Capitol building to its booming industrial center and a busy port, the city offers many uncommon charms and cultural experiences. It also has a unique set of weather conditions and other factors that affect the integrity of the roof on your Baton Rouge home or business.

From wide-ranging temperatures to the annual dangers of hurricane season, all structures in Baton Rouge face a host of potential damages. Category five Hurricane Katrina may have made the city a refuge for displaced victims, but it easily could have been the focus of the storm’s fury. With these concerns, it’s very important that Baton Rouge-region buildings — and their roofs — are up to the challenge.

You can’t talk about Baton Rouge without talking about our LSU Tigers. Yes, Roof Crafters loves our Tigers. We always support our Tigers and wish them the very best season we can have. Let’s hope for a national title this year!

To ensure that your roof’s design and roofing materials are a match for weather conditions where you live, your best strategy is to hire a local Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor with great Google reviews that you can trust. With a focus in Louisiana and the Baton Rouge area, Roof Crafters, LLC knows the unique challenges for roofing in your region — and can meet those challenges with high-quality shingle and roofing solutions. We have nearly a generation of experience in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and other regions of the state. With a reputation for providing the best in roof repair, replacement, and other roofing-related services, our professional roofers are invested in the community and continuing to deliver quality work.

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Roofing Services Offered in Baton Rouge Louisiana:

New Metal Roofing Systems

Roof Washing & Treatment

Attic Insulation

New Roof Installation   

New Velux Skylights Installation & Repair 

Roof Repair 

Helpful Information During A Roofing or Home Improvement Project

Pre-Job Checklist

Common Roofing Questions After A New Roof Install

Help with Insurance Claims             

About Leaks That Are Not From Your Roof

Help with Mortgage Check Endorsement

For The DIY Ladder Safety

Roof Crafters Client Portal

Shingle Warranty After Spray In Foam Insulation

Top Reasons To Buy A Metal Roof     

Different Roof Types

Roof Crafters Extended Roof Maintenance Program

Signs You May Need A New Roof

About the Roof Crafters Equipter        

Proper Roof Ventilation


Take Advantage Of This Awesome Offer

Is your house hot? Cold? Have one of the Roof Crafters’ Top Of The House certified project managers come and do an attic inspection on your Baton Rouge home? See if you are under-insulated. According to Owens Corning, a giant in home attic insulation, 92% of all homes in America are under-insulated. Call Roof Crafters today and save up to 20% on your utility bill with more attic insulation. Having an Owens Corning trained Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor check your attic is a smart way to start.

Why Insulate your home

Frequently Asked Questions for Baton Rouge Louisiana Roofing Contractor

Do you service the Baton Rouge area?

Yes, the Baton Rouge area has always been a major service area Roof Crafters. Roof Crafters services the entire Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana area including Denham Springs, Walker, Zachary, Gonzales, Prairieville, and Baker.

Do you have workmanship warranties?

Yes, Roof Crafters gives a five-year workmanship warranty with every new roof we install. The workmanship warranty, as well as the warranty on the new roofing shingles, is transferable if you sell your home. Roof Crafters even has a 10-year workmanship warranty. Listen to this episode of the Roof Crafters podcast by Operations Manager Michael Warren explaining the Roof Crafters 10-year no-leak warranty. Contact us for more details.

Do you do roof repairs in Baton Rouge?

Yes, Roof Crafters loves doing roof repairs. A roof repair is a great way to save money and put off buying a new roof in many cases. Roof Crafters does roof repairs for the entire Baton Rouge metro area. Check out this video about a very common Baton Rouge roof repair, a patio cover leak. 

How long should a roof repair last?

This is a great question. This all depends on what type of roof repair you have done. If Roof Crafters installs a new lifetime bullet boot pipe boot there is a one-year workmanship warranty on workmanship and the bullet boot itself should last 30 years. Other roof repairs will need to be discussed with a Roof Crafters company representative. Roof Repairs like a chimney flashing, valley or skylight will depend on other factors related to your roof

Do you install and repair skylights?

Yes, we only install Velux Skylights & Roof Windows. Roof Crafters is the only 5-Star Velux Installer in the state of Louisiana. Velux is the very best skylights in the roofing industry and has a 10-year no-leak warranty that is not matched by any other skylight manufacturer. Check out the Roof Crafters skylight repair video and watch how Roof Crafters installs a Velux skylight then repairs a leaky skylight.