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Commercial Services

Louisiana Roof Crafters is your source for reliable, timely, and professional commercial services. We service commercial contractors, as well as business owners, giving a seamless and transparent installation or repair, using some of the top rated brands in the industry. We service and maintain many types of roofing systems including exposed fastener 26-gauge metal, 24 and 26-gauge concealed fastener snap-lock standing seam metal, cold and hot applied modified bitumen, shingles, slate, stone coated steel, and silicone and acrylic roof coatings.

Commercial Skylights

Let there be light! Louisiana Roof Crafters is one of SE Louisiana’s premier Velux Skylight Specialists. We have been installing skylights for over a decade. We only recommend one brand, and that’s Velux. Why? Because they are engineered to be not just beautiful, but also to outperform any other skylight on the market with their efficient glass and frame design, and the unbeatable No Leak Skylight warranty for 10 years for eligible models. Dark rooms in your home? Try adding a Velux sun tunnel to bring natural light to almost any room in your home, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional skylight. The options and configurations are almost endless!

Proud Installer of

Roof Coating

Louisiana Roof Crafters is a certified installer of silicone and acrylic roof coatings through American Weatherstar and Gaco/Firestone. The beauty of coatings is that they can be installed over virtually any substrate, and over most existing roofing systems. This means, as long as the existing roof has not failed, we can clean and coat directly over the existing roof. Coatings can be applied as a repair or a full restoration. Though these systems can be installed over steep pitched roofs, Louisiana Roof Crafters will only apply coatings to roof pitches 2/12 and under. To see if you qualify, schedule and inspection and estimate today.

Modified Bitumen

Louisiana Roof Crafters is a certified installer of CertainTeed Flintlastic hot and cold applied modified bitumen roofing system for low slope applications. We have earned the Silver Star Commerical Contractor accreditation from our industry partner CertainTeed. Most Flintlastic systems carry a 5 year workmanship warranty, and can be applied over metal or wood substrates in a variety of configurations to meet most specifications.

Maintenance Programs

A Louisiana Roof Crafters maintenance program can be put in place whether we installed your roof or not. Maintenance plans for existing roofs are for systems 10 years old and newer. If Louisiana Roof Crafters installed your roof, each year you renew your maintenance plan, past year 5, you can extend your workmanship warranty up to maximum of 5 additional years. Basic maintenance includes blowing the roof off of debris, sealing any penetrations, and routine inspections. Maintenance can be scheduled annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly, however frequent you would like us to come out.

Metal Roofing

A Louisiana Roof Crafters, we can install 24 or 26-gauge exposed or concealed fastener metal roofing systems over a variety of substrates, in a multitude of colors to meet your needs. All systems come installed with the very best screws, accessories, and components to ensure you get the most ROI out of your roof. New roof installs come with a 5 year workmanship warranty, and repairs carry a 1 year workmanship warranty.

Roof Repairs

As with anything, maintenance and repairs are a crucial part of keeping your roofing system performing, and protecting, at its best. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we recommend annual inspections from our team to ensure your roof is in tip top shape, protecting you from the elements, and eliminating costly interior damages.

Most roofing systems can be repaired. The systems we can repair for you include asphalt shingles, exposed fastener metal roofing, low slope modified bitumen systems, tile, slate, and more. Most roof repairs come with a 1 year workmanship warranty. Call us today to learn more.

Roof Replacement

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we provide a full range of residential roof replacement options including asphalt shingles, exposed fastener metal roofing, low slope modified bitumen, new and reclaimed slate, barrel tile, stone coated steel, and composite roofing systems.

Our hassle free, and transparent, installation process runs seamlessly from start to finish with our expert installation team and on-site supervision. We will document every step of the job for you, so you can be sure you are getting a quality roof installed, and an industry leading warranty to back it up. We install all major shingle brands including, Atlas, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, GAF, IKO, and TAMKO. All roof replacements come with a 5 year workmanship warranty, and shingle installations have the option for extended warranties.

The Louisiana Roof Crafters’ Innovative Worksite Approach : Utilizing The Equipter for Commercial Roofing

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, our innovative worksite approach sets us apart. We employ The Equipter, a state-of-the-art roofing tool, to enhance efficiency and minimize disruption to your property. Here’s how The Equipter benefits you:

Easy Transportation: The Equipter is towable and self-propelled, ensuring seamless movement to and around your site.

Access to Tight Spaces: Its compact design and tight turning radius allow The Equipter to reach areas that traditional trucks and trailers can’t.

Landscape Protection: The Equipter’s rear extension roll-back feature helps preserve your landscaping during tear-off procedures by extending the container over obstacles, reducing damage to shrubs and flowerbeds.

Efficient Debris Management: The wide doors and hydraulic tailgate make debris removal and new material transport easy, keeping your property clean and safe.

Time and Cost Savings: The Equipter’s capabilities enable our team to complete projects more quickly, use fewer resources, and reduce cleanup time, ultimately saving you money.

Choose Louisiana Roof Crafters for a smarter, cleaner, and more efficient commercial roofing experience.

Protect Your Investment with Our Commercial Roof Services: Schedule a No-Obligation Inspection Today

The key to a successful commercial property lies in a reliable, well-maintained roof. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we’re committed to helping you protect your investment, whether you need a new roof or want to maintain an existing one.

Don’t gamble with your property’s safety – schedule a no-obligation roof inspection with our experts today!

We’ll evaluate the condition of your roof, discuss the best options for a new installation or address any repair and maintenance concerns. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing tailored roofing solutions that perfectly suit your needs. Reach out to us now and ensure your commercial property remains secure with top-notch roofing services.

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