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We have a client portal for all of our clients to provide the best possible experience during each project, Louisiana Roof Crafters uses SSA, Store Share Access for all roof-related jobs, whether a reroof project or a new roof replacement. This client information portal, which is unique to Louisiana Roof Crafters, allows clients to access information on all aspects of roofing installations or repairs they are having completed. SSA Store Share Access makes it convenient for clients to retrieve details needed for insurance purposes, future roof repairs or even selling of a home and having the roof warranty at your fingertips.


One of the more immediate ways SSA provides value is by providing key details on current roofing projects. This information includes the date of the roof installation or roof repair work, as well as pictures of the home for identification and images taken during each stage of the roofing process, from the pre-work stage to post-work, when the roofing job is completed. SSA Store Share Access also includes contact information and details on the crew chief and the salesman for the roofing project, making it easy for clients to contact their roofing professionals directly.

Even more convenient, the SSA portal features the ability to complete and sign documentation for roofing projects online. This includes documents like the roof financing application, completion certificates, and other roof-related documents, which are then stored online in the SSA Store Share Access portal with insurance papers and roof estimates. SSA even allows customers to upload documents that Louisiana Roof Crafters may need to plan or complete a roofing installation or roof repair job. The roofing material from shingle color, type felt and all other roofing materials used are always in the client portal.

In addition to these benefits, this unique information system allows Louisiana Roof Crafters’ clients to view and store information related to insurance, including insurance details that are needed for the current roofing job and the insurance adjuster’s name and contact information. It also allows for storing the mortgage company’s information when needed. Finally, SSA Store Share Access stores details about the roof itself, including the size of the roof and number of shingles, along with the type and color of shingles used. This makes it easy for clients to know right where to go to get this information for repairs or to provide to future buyers of the home. No need to worry about losing the web address to your client portal. The client portal is in the navigation bar on Louisiana Roof Crafters website, theroofcrafters.com so all you must do is Google Louisiana Roof Crafters and there it is.

Louisiana Roof Crafters Client Portal

SSA Store Share Access

Utilizing SSA Store Share Access, Louisiana Roof Crafter’s clients will be able to track and keep up with all aspects of their roofing and roof-related jobs, including warranty information, shingle type, shingle color and when the roof was installed. Pictures at various stages of the roofing project are also stored in SSA.

Keeping this information properly stored and easily accessible is also vitally important for many clients that are having roof repairs performed due to damage from weather or other accidents. The portal makes it easy for clients to retrieve information for insurance purposes, or even if they wish to sell their house a number of years later and want to provide the buyers with the correct information about the roofing materials.

Scan the QR code below for easy access to your Client Portal.

SSA qr code for rc prejob

SSA provides Louisiana Roof Crafters clients these features in Your Client Portal

  1. Picture of their home for clarity for the correct house for their crew
  2. Address and phone number, email for ease of communication
  3. Who their crew chief and salesman are
  4. Date of the roof install
  5. Type of roofing material and color of shingles
  6. Number of squares, how large the roof is
  7. All insurance information used during the roofing project
  8. Insurance adjusters name, phone number, and email address
  9. Mortgage company information if there was one
  10. All files collected during the roofing job like insurance papers, estimates
  11. Pre and post job pictures of your home
  12. Ability to sign all needed documents online for convenience
  13. Ability to fill out the financing application online
  14. Review and sign bids from our salesmen
  15. Ability to sign your completion certificate online
  16. Ability to upload documents that we may need

To make an appointment, please fill out our request a quote form (and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours) or call us to schedule a visit to inspect your roof. We’ll answer any questions you may have and discuss with you how our process works, what to expect from us at various stages and how we can work with your insurance company if applicable. We appreciate your consideration and are excited to work with you.

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