Hail Damage Roof Repair Frequently Asked Questions

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Hail damage roof repair frequently asked questions start with One of the most common questions after a hailstorm either a major or a minor storm is can hail truly damage my roof. Today, Roof Crafters will answer the most common questions about hailstorms and roof damage.

Do you offer roof hail damage inspection services?

Yes, we are happy to give all Baton Rouge, Hammond and Northshore homeowners a free roof inspection after a hailstorm. The only way for a homeowner to know if their roof has damage is a proper roof inspection from a local professional roofer. Hail damage will create a different damage to your roof than a hurricane or wind damage. 

Our roofing project managers are trained to be able to spot hail damage on your asphalt roofing shingles or even a metal roofing system if the hail was larger. 

My Home Just Got Hit by a Hailstorm but My Roof Look Fine. Do I Really Need to Have It Inspected? 

Unless you have been professionally trained it is easy to not be able to spot roofing hail damage. Also, unless the hail was extremely large the odds of you seeing roof damage from the ground is remote. Many times, the asphalt roofing shingles will just have spots on them and unless you are trained to recognize hail damage called bruising to the shingles mat you would never know you have hail damage. 

Can’t I Just Get on My Roof and Check It Myself? 

There are a few reasons not to get on your own roof and try to do a roof inspection. Even if you need hail damage roof repair, the first and most important reason is safety. Most modern homes have roofs that are just not safe to walk for the average person. A professional roofing company will have special equipment for walking your roof. Special boots called cougar paws help a roofer walk your roof safely as well as not doing any damage to your roofing shingles. 

It also takes a trained eye to truly know if you have roofing shingle damage from hail. The mat bruising can be very hard to spot especially on a dark color roofing shingle.

What Do I Need to Do After You Inspect My Roof? 

After our roofing project manager finishes his complete roofing inspection, he will show you as well as explain all the damage he found if any was discovered and let you know if you need any hail damage roof repair. After your project manager gives you his inspection report he will give you a written estimate and then see how you would like to proceed. In many cases hail damage to your roof will require an insurance claim for a new roof. Your project manager will explain all these details to you as well as walk you through the process. 

Get more details out our hail and storm related roof repair services by calling Roof Crafters LLC today at 225-667-1189. We serve the greater Baton Rouge, Hammond throughout the entire Northshore areas of Louisiana. 

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