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Adding new skylights and roof windows is a great way to add value to your home.

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As your Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company, Louisiana Roof Crafters takes roofing services very seriously. When installing a new roof on your home or doing a roofing repair after storm damage, it is important to have a Hammond Louisiana roofing company that you know and trust. As your Hammond Louisiana roofing company, we have an established record of providing high-quality shingle and metal roofing solutions to homes and businesses.

It is very important to choose the right Hammond Louisiana roofing company. One great way to start is to check out their Google reviews. Any roofing companies that have a lot of reviews and have good reviews will be a good choice. Read through Louisiana Roof Crafters’ Google reviews, see what is being said about our roofing company as well as the people in the company. If you are seeing good feedback in their Google reviews, you are looking in the right direction. 

Watch the client video below. See how we respond to all our roofing clients’ needs. Watch as Ms. Christina talks about a very tough roofing problem she had. We do not mind jumping right into a tough situation to help people.

From Repairs to Installations: Your Premier Hammond Louisiana Roofing Contractor

Top 10 Criteria for Hiring a Local Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company

Are you in need of a reliable and trustworthy Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company? It can be a daunting task to choose the right one, but there are several factors to consider when making your decision. Hiring a local Hammond Louisiana roofing company should come with these certain assurances and qualifications: 

•Locally Owned and Operated

•Has Workers Comprehensive Insurance

•Accredited with The International Association of Better Business Bureaus

•Be Certified with At Least One Shingle Manufacturer

•Carries At Least 1,000,000 In General Liability Insurance

•Has Been In Business For At Least Two Years

•Has A Local Office

•Has A Written and Posted Workmanship Warranty of At Least Two Years or More

•Is A Member Of The NRCA, Nation Roofing Contractors Association

•Does Not Cover Deductibles (Covering Deductibles is Illegal)

•Be A Member of the Hammond Chamber of Commerce


When it comes to the safety and protection of your home or business, choosing the right roofing contractor is crucial. With so many options out there, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest or most convenient option. However, this can lead to disaster if you end up with a fly-by-night roofing contractor or unqualified “expert” who cuts corners or uses subpar materials.  Instead, choose Louisiana Roof Crafters, one of the most trusted roofing companies in Hammond, Louisiana. We take pride in providing high-quality roofing solutions backed by our strong online presence and numerous positive Google reviews from satisfied customers. 

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we bring expertise and precision to every roofing project as a Select Shingle Master. Our partnership with Owens Corning ensures that we use only the highest quality roofing products available, and as members of the Cool Roofs Rating Council, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in all our roofing solutions. With our commitment to excellence and professionalism, you can trust us to be the reliable Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company.

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Louisiana Roof Crafters strives to protect your property and the environment by using eco-friendly roofing materials where feasible. Our roofing business also does our best not to disturb clients’ landscaping or property in the course of our work.

We are a proud new sponsor of Southeastern Louisiana University Athletics.

As Hammond is home to us, we could not be prouder to stand with our SLU hometown college.

Check out Louisiana Roof Crafters on the SLU sports page.

Protect Your Home or Business in Hammond, Louisiana with a Local Roofing Contractor Who Understands Your Needs

When it comes to roofing in Hammond, Louisiana, it’s essential to consider the specific challenges and threats posed by the area’s climate and conditions. From high winds to fierce storms during hurricane season, your roof needs to be able to withstand the elements and protect your home or business. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a trusted and local Hammond Louisiana roofing company who understands these demands and can provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we have spent many years serving as a trusted Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company. With nearly a generation of roofing contractor service, our roofing contractors have firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges that homes and businesses in the Hammond region face. Unlike out-of-state roofing contractors who roll in and out after big storms, our Hammond Louisiana roofing company is here for the duration and cares about our professional reputation in the Hammond community.

Louisiana Roof Crafters partners with CertainTeed, one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the world, for your Hammond home. The CertainTeed Max Def shingle line has many color options for your new roof. With our roofing business being a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor with CertainTeed, we can offer the best warranty in the nation on your new roof. With hundreds of new roofs installed in Hammond through the Northshore of Louisiana, we are positioned to give you the best new roof with the nation’s best roof warranty.

Louisiana Roof Crafters was just recently elevated to 5 Star contractor status with skylight and roof window giant Velux. We are the only 5 Star Velux installer in the state of Louisiana.

We want you to trust our Hammond Louisiana roofing company. To ensure you that we are not giving you any insufficient information, you can check our business profiles with the local Better Business Bureau organizations.

Roofing Talk with Louisiana Roof Crafters: Your Source for Expert Roofing Information

Louisiana Roof Crafters is not your typical Hammond Louisiana roofing company. In addition to providing top-notch roofing services, we’ve also started a roofing podcast that’s been gaining popularity since its inception in 2019. Our goal in starting the podcast was to make roofing-related information easily accessible to our clients and anyone else who’s interested in learning more about the roofing industry.

In one of our podcast episodes, our operations manager, Michael Warren, shares his insights on roofing and how he deals with clients in Hammond and throughout the Northshore of Louisiana. He also shares some interesting stories about his experiences living in the city of Hammond, making for a truly engaging and informative episode.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our podcast library is extensive and covers a wide range of topics, from residential roof repairs to new roof installations. We discuss everything from sheet metal or shingles for your new roof to commercial roofing, and we’ve got something for everyone.

So whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your roof or a roofing professional looking to expand your knowledge, our roofing podcast is the perfect resource for you. Check out our latest episode below and explore our podcast library to learn more about everything related to roofing.

The City of Hammond, Louisiana: A Vibrant and Growing Community

Located in the Tangipahoa Parish of Louisiana, the city of Hammond is a vibrant and growing community known for its rich history and cultural diversity. Here are some interesting tidbits about this charming city:

  • With a population of over 20,000 people, Hammond is the largest city in Tangipahoa Parish and serves as a major economic and cultural hub for the surrounding area.
  • Home to Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond is a renowned center of education and research, attracting students and scholars from all over the world. The university adds to the city’s dynamic character and cultural diversity.
  • Hammond also boasts a wealth of outdoor attractions, including parks, nature preserves, and recreational areas, providing residents and visitors with ample opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation.

With a thriving economy, welcoming community, and rich cultural heritage, Hammond is an ideal place to call home, whether you’re a student, young professional, or retiree. Come explore all that this vibrant city has to offer and discover why Hammond is a destination that leaves a lasting impression. 

The city of Hammond grew up around Thomas Street and the railroad tracks. Downtown Hammond became a shipping zone and after the development of a hardy strawberry, local farmers used the downtown Hammond city hub as a shipping point for strawberries to be shipped all over the United States.

Conditions and climate vary so much from one region to another that it is not enough to ensure that your roofing materials and structure are of high quality. Their design also needs to consider the specific challenges and threats your roof will face in Hammond, Louisiana. You need a trusted and local Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company who understands the demands of the high winds and fierce storms of hurricane season and beyond — and what those forces can do to a roof.

Customer Testimonial: Louisiana Roof Crafters Goes Above and Beyond for Client Satisfaction

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we prioritize the needs of our clients and go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Don’t just take our word for it – Check out our client video below to see how we go above and beyond to meet all of our client’s roofing needs. Hear from Ms. Christina as she shares her experience with a challenging roofing problem and how we were able to jump right in and help. We take pride in our ability to handle even the toughest situations with professionalism and expertise. 

Trust us to be the roofing contractor you can rely on for excellence and customer service in Hammond, Louisiana.

Your Partner for a Strong and Reliable Roof: Louisiana Roof Crafters in Hammond, LA

The professionals at Louisiana Roof Crafters know what it takes to build a roof that is hurricane-season-ready. As a Select Shingle Master roofing contractor with CertainTeed, one of the largest roofing material manufacturers in the world, we offer the best warranty in the nation on your new roof. We are also proud to partner with CertainTeed to provide our Hammond customers with the Max Def shingle line, which has many color options for your new roof. With hundreds of new roofs installed in Hammond through the Northshore of Louisiana, we are positioned to give you the best new roof with the nation’s best roof warranty.

But we don’t stop at just roofing. We also offer gutter installation, vinyl siding, and VELUX Skylights and Roof Windows Installation with the same level of care and expertise. And, we’re committed to using eco-friendly materials whenever possible to help preserve the natural environment around us. Plus, our team of experienced professionals takes great care not to disturb your property or landscaping while we work.

Don’t trust your roof to just any roofing contractor – choose the trusted experts at Louisiana Roof Crafters for excellence, professionalism, and superior results. Schedule your consultation today and let us help you achieve the peace of mind that comes with a strong, reliable roof.

Our Hammond Louisiana roofing company cares about the natural environment and your neighborhood. We strive to use eco-friendly materials whenever feasible. We also do our best not to disturb your property or landscaping while we work.

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Is your house hot or is your house cold? Have one of the Top Of The House certified roofing contractors come and do an attic inspection on your Hammond home to see if you are under-insulated. According to Owens Corning, a giant in home attic insulation, 92% of all homes in America are under-insulated. Call Louisiana Roof Crafters today and save up to 20% on your utility bill with more attic insulation.

From roof repair to roof replacement, the professional contractors at Louisiana Roof Crafters, LLC have the experience and knowledge to provide the best service for your Hammond, Louisiana home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions For a Hammond Louisiana Roofing Company:

Do you do roof repair on mobile homes or just homes in Hammond? 

Absolutely! At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we take pride in our ability to provide high-quality roofing solutions for both homes and mobile homes in Hammond, Louisiana. Our experienced professionals are well-equipped to handle any roof repair, big or small, and can help extend the life of your roof by many years. Simply schedule a free roof inspection with Michael to determine if your roof needs a minor repair. Don’t wait until it’s too late – trust Louisiana Roof Crafters to keep your home or mobile home protected.

Do you install metal roofs or just shingle roofs? 

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we do both! We understand that each type of roofing material has its unique advantages, and we want to offer our customers a range of options to meet their needs. While the metal roofing industry is growing, we have many years of experience installing both metal and shingle roofs. Whether you need a metal roof or shingle roof installation for your home or mobile home, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done right. 

What type of warranty do you offer on a new roof?

We have two different warranties for every new roof we install at our Hammond Louisiana roofing company. Every new roof we install comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty. You can upgrade this 5-year workmanship warranty to our new Louisiana Roof Crafters 10-Year no leak warranty. Ask Michael Warren about the details of this great new roof warranty.

Do you have a warranty on roof repairs? 

Yes, we have a 1-year workmanship warranty on every repair.Our team of experienced professionals takes pride in their work and stands behind it with this warranty.

What type of roof repairs do you commonly do in Hammond?

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we have extensive experience in all types of roof repairs in Hammond. We commonly handle plumbing pipe boots, chimney flashing, leaky valleys, and skylight repairs. No matter the issue, our team of professionals has the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and repair any roofing problem. 

Do you do free roof inspections?

Yes, we certainly do. Any roof repair or new roof must start with a thorough roof inspection and our Hammond Louisiana roofing company never charges for a roof inspection.

Do you do attic insulation?

Yes, Louisiana Roof Crafters is Top of The House Certified with the Owens Corning Corporation. Top of The House Certification with Owens Corning gives our roofing contractors in Hammond LA special training in attic insulation inspections as well as more training in attic ventilation which is very important with any roofing system.

How long does a roofing project typically take?

The timeline for a roofing project varies depending on the size of the project and the materials used. However, Louisiana Roof Crafters strives to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

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