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How to Prepare Your Roof for the Winter


Roof Crafter‘s guide on how to prepare your roof for the winter. Finally, it is winter, temperatures are falling, and the days are becoming shorter. You will start putting your snowblower, boots, and gloves through their paces. But have you called your roofing contractor for an inspection?

Your roof is the element that shelters your home from the harsh effects of weather. Thus, it is critical to preserve its health to prepare it for the winter months. In fact, the hard ice, snow, and winds we encounter in Louisiana may inflict major damage to our homes. We need to make sure our roof is in excellent condition before the season begins.

There is a limited amount of time left to prepare your roof for the winter! So, the Roof Crafters team suggests the following procedures on how to prepare your roof for the winter.

Set Up Your Bi-Annual Inspection today!

Haven’t you called your roofing company? Make an appointment with a professional roofing contractor right away!

Summer is a rough time for our roofs because of the high temperatures, intense sunshine, and seasonal hailstorms. Therefore, you should schedule an inspection with a home roofing professional every autumn to catch damage early and repair it timely. By doing so, you will extend your roof lifespan.

Roof Crafters knows how to prepare your roof for the winter. You must call us today.

Do the Necessary Repairs 

A prompt response will be necessary if the above-mentioned seasonal inspection reveals that your roof needs any repairs. Winter´s shorter days, colder months and irregular weather may complicate things for your roofing professional. Hence, you’ll avoid difficulties and save money if you allow your roofing contractor to go to work on the repairs as soon as possible.

Also, keep in mind that repairing your roof promptly can save you money. Indeed, carrying out the necessary fixes before winter arrives will allow you to find better prices on roofing materials. You may get a better quote from your contractor.

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• Get Your Gutter and Drain Pipes Cleared

Probably, you´ll be using a rake to clean up your yard on the weekends as the leaves fall from the trees. However, many homeowners tend to overlook their gutters and drainpipes. In the autumn, leaves soon end up in our drains and gutters as they start to fall from the trees.

They may go unnoticed since they aren´t evident to the naked eye.

But your property might be at risk if we leave them there. In the first place, the blocked drains will create a water pool on your roof. This situation may end up harming your foundation since water cannot move away from your property.

Additionally, this issue can lead to mold and wood damage since the leaves hold moisture. Moreover, the water from melting snow will use any little crack to filter through your roof.

So, clean up your gutters and drainpipes this year to avoid these avoidable problems.

• Cut Branches That Hang Low

Your home’s roof is at risk all year round. So it is imperative to know how to prepare your roof for the winter. Nevertheless, that risk magnifies in the winter. Branches can break under the weight of snow and ice that has built upon them.

Thus, the branches may damage your roof if they are too close to it when breaking.

Examine all the trees surrounding your home. You will have to determine if any of them are threatening your roof in some way. Get these limbs cut down by a skilled tree trimmer before they cause any harm.

Act Right Away!

The most important thing you can do to safeguard your property is to act timely. It is important to know how to prepare your roof for the winter. The clock is ticking for many of the places we serve. These communities have already seen frigid temperatures and snowfall this year.

Winter will arrive in a matter of weeks, and you will regret not acting sooner!

There’s no time to lose! If you haven’t had your annual roof inspection or any necessary repairs, contact the Roof Crafters crew in Hammond, Baton Rouge, and Mandeville, LA at 985-241-8045.

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