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As a Hammond roofing contractor, when installing a new roof on your home or repairing your roof after a storm, it’s important to have a roofing contractor that you know and trust. Roof Crafters, LLC are your local roofing professionals, having an established record of providing high quality shingle and metal roofing solutions to area homes and businesses.

Roof Crafters, LLC has spent nearly a generation providing roofing contractor services Hammond and other areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, including Baton Rouge. The company’s professionals know and understand the unique challenges posed to structures in the Hammond area by the many storms that hit the area during hurricane season. Unlike out-of-state roofing contractors who roll in and roll out after big storms, Roof Crafters, LLC is here for the duration, and we care about our professional reputation in the Hammond community.

Roof Crafters provides only the best roofing repair, roof replacement and roof related services. The company uses top quality materials from Owens Corning and other respected shingle and roofing material manufacturers. In addition to roofing, we can also help with gutter installation and vinyl siding.

Roof Crafters also strives to protect your property and the environment, using eco-friendly materials where feasible and also taking care not to disturb clients landscaping or property in the course of our work.

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A roof is so much more than a necessary covering over your house or a statement of your personal taste as a homeowner — a roof is also security and protection, both figuratively and literally. For Roof Crafters service area Hammond, it may not be the first feature you think of when it comes to your house, but it is definitely one of the most important — and it’s critical to your home’s structural integrity. The quality of your roof could be the difference between a roof you can ignore and one that falls to harsh weather conditions or causes water damage to your property.

The City

Conditions and climate vary so much from one region to another that it’s not enough to ensure that your roofing materials and structure are of high quality. Their design also needs to take into account the specific challenges and threats your roof will face in Hammond, Louisiana. You need a local trusted roofer who understands the demands of the high winds and fierce storms of hurricane season and beyond — and what those forces can do to a roof.

The professionals at Roof Crafters, LLC know what it takes to build a roof that is hurricane season-ready. With nearly a generation of roofing contractor service, focused in Hammond, Baton Rouge, and other areas in Louisiana and Missouri, our roofers have a firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges that homes and businesses in the Hammond region face. We care about our reputation in the community, and it shows in our track record of high-quality shingle and metal roofing solutions.

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Using top-quality shingles and roofing materials from Owens Corning and other respected manufacturers, Roof Crafters offers roof repair, replacement and other services that will give you peace of mind. We can also protect your home investment further with gutter installation and vinyl siding, with our same high-quality service and materials.

Roof Crafters, LLC also cares about caring for the natural environment and your neighborhood. We strive to use eco-friendly materials whenever feasible — and we also take care not to disturb your property or landscaping while we work on your roof.

From roof repair to roof replacement, the professional roofers at Roof Crafters, LLC have the experience and knowledge to provide the best service for your Hammond, Louisiana home or business.

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