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Mandeville Louisiana Roofing Contractor: About Our Owner

Will Lampton began in the construction business way back in the late 1980s. Will has decades of experience in remodeling homes as well as re-roofing them. Will has headed the Louisiana Roof Crafters team working in the Mandeville, Louisiana areas for the past 10-years. Through Will’s leadership and efforts, Louisiana Roof Crafters has brought many new roofing innovations to Louisiana like the Equipter new-roof no-mess roofing debris removal system. This one innovation will not only make your new roof installation faster, but it also makes your home cleaner after we are gone.

The Equipter normally gets our team off your property around 2-hours faster than cleaning up by hand and tarps. This allows you to enjoy your new beautiful roof a few hours before the sunsets.

When you are doing a home improvement project as important as a new residential asphalt roofing system, you need to make sure you hire the very best local roofer in Mandeville.

Watch this video with Mr. Paul and Ms. Tina as they tell you about their experience with Louisiana Roof Crafters. These are folks just like you that live in Mandeville.

Read one of Louisiana Roof Crafters’ latest Google reviews. Mr. Corey tells about his experience with his new roof installation. 

Mandeville Louisiana roofing contractor Review 5 stars

Louisiana Roof Crafters and Mandeville, LA

Louisiana Roof Crafters understands the particular charms of Mandeville, including its natural environment. Along with using eco-friendly materials whenever feasible, our professional roofing contractors are local to the area and know all the potential threats to structures in this city. Whether you are living in Mandeville, LA, or own a business here, our roofing company is the perfect choice for you.

With many hurricanes coming through Mandeville, it is important that you use a top roofing company to make sure your new roofing system can withstand the constant Louisiana rain, high winds, and hurricanes we have. Do not trust your most important asset, your home, to just any roofer.

With the wide range of temperatures and its destructive hurricane season, Mandeville can put homes and roofs to a severe test. A local Mandeville roofer is best suited to understand these threats first-hand and know how to make weather resistant roofs that are fit for the area. Our business spent a decade building our reputation for a high-quality roof repair and new residential roof replacements in Mandeville, Baton Rouge and other areas of Louisiana. Our professional roofers are dedicated to serving the community with excellent craftsmanship.

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Everyone from Louisiana knows well that the hurricane season is no joke. When tragedy hits, many of us will not be prepared for the extensive damage it will bring. Thus, a proactive focus will make a big difference. We promote a proactive strategy for storm preparedness consisting of building an emergency preparation kit.

With a ready-made urgency kit, you can focus on making your family secure instead of carrying needed things with you.

From non-perishable food supplies to batteries, and toilet paper, employ a 5-gallon bucket with a cover or airtight container to store things like these. This way you will keep these emergency items dry when harsh conditions strike.

Think about the things you may need or will be helpful in a situation like this. Then fill the bucket with the required emergency items and maintain it at a convenient place. This location may be near an exit door in your home or inside your vehicle.

Below we will give you some ideas about what would be useful to store in your bucket:

  • Batteries
  • Battery-powered AM/FM radio
  • Blanket
  • Can opener
  • Cash
  • Change of clothing
  • Duct tape
  • Dust mask
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Games and toys
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Keys (home and car)
  • Large plastic trash bags
  • Local map
  • Medications
  • Non-perishable food
  • Permanent marker
  • Pet supplies
  • Photos of family members and pets
  • Pocket knife
  • Portable phone charger
  • Ponchos
  • Rope/paracord
  • Soap
  • Special family needs (diapers, feminine hygiene items, etc.)
  • Tarp
  • Toilet paper
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Waterproof bag with family documents. It includes driver’s licenses, insurance information, out-of-area contact, etc.
  • Whistle

Prepare your family for the worse storms this season can deliver. Also, check the Homeland Security Department for more suggestions on assembling your Hurricane Preparation Kit at ready.gov.

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Mandeville Louisiana Roofing Contractor: About Mandeville

Located on Lake Pontchartrain, Mandeville, Louisiana is the perfect retreat from the nearby metropolis of New Orleans and its suburbs. It is also a key location in the history of jazz and has been named a winning city for small businesses. From boating and swimming to hiking and birdwatching, the wealth of activities available in Mandeville also make it a great vacation destination and home for nature enthusiasts.

Areas of Mandeville we serve by Zip Code:

70448, 70471, 70433

The only area code to Mandeville is 985

GeoCoordinates: 30°22′09″N 90°04′41″W

FIPS Code: 22-48225

Mandeville City is located in St. Tammany Parish and was incorporated in 1840

City of Mandeville website: www.cityofmandeville.com

Roofing Services Offered for Mandeville:

Louisiana Roof Crafters does roof repair, new residential roof installations, roof washes, and roof treatments

Roof Wash

If your roof is 5-years old or older, it is very likely algae has already started growing on your shingles. If you have really good shingles, it is probably growing on them you just have not noticed it yet. Louisiana Roof Crafters has the only EPA-approved roof washing system in Louisiana. Our business has a roof cleaning system called roof restore. The roof restore roof washing system will make your roof look new again. If your Mandeville roof has dark streaks on it or maybe it even looks black even though you bought a gray roofing shingle, call our roofing business, and bring your older roof back to life with our roof restore roof wash system.

Mandeville Louisiana Roofing Contractor
Mandeville Louisiana Roofing

Wondering what a good roof wash and treatment will do for your roof? Hear what Mr. Will Warren has to say about his roof wash with Louisiana Roof Crafters. Let our roofing team bring your roof back to life with our roof wash and treatment system.

Roof Treatment

Louisiana Roof Crafters brings new technology to Mandeville, Louisiana again with the Roof-A-Cide roof treatment system. Once our team cleans your roof with our roof restore roof wash system, we will treat your roof with Roof-A-Cide, guaranteeing no algae will grow on it for two full years. Our roofing business is the only certified Roof-A-Cide roofing contractor in the state of Louisiana. Once again, our roofing business is proving that we care about you, your family, and your home. The Roof-A-Cide treatment is so safe you can drink it. We would never use chlorine or heavy bleaches to clean your roof and destroy your lawn and landscaping. This is the reason we have waited so long to get into roof washing. We demanded a product that is truly good for our homeowners. If your roof does not look good any longer call Louisiana Roof Crafters so we can wash your roof and treat it. Do not buy a new roof if you do not truly need one.

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Roof Repair

At Louisiana Roof Crafters, our first goal is to get you what you want, need, and deserve with your roofing system. In many cases, a top-quality roofing repair can get you many more years of good service life with your current roof. When you call our roofing business for a roof inspection, our first goal is to see if we can repair your roof. If your roof is non-repairable then we will talk about a new roof and give you a free estimate if that is what is needed.

Residential Roof Replacement

If a top-quality roof repair just will not get the job done and you need a new roofing system, Louisiana Roof Crafters is the premier roofing contractor you need. Our business is a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master roofing contractor in Mandeville, LA. Less than 1% of roofing companies in the country can say they are Select Shingle Master with CertainTeed. If we do a roof inspection for you and the damages to your roof are more than 31% of the cost of a new roof, it may be time for that new asphalt roofing system. Our trained project managers will consult with you, find out what your goals are for your home, and advise you on the best course of action.

You can trust our Mandeville, Louisiana roofing contracting business. We will wash your roof, treat your roof, and repair your roof. Before you buy a new roof, make sure you truly need one. Call today at Louisiana Roof Crafters for a local trusted Mandeville roofer.

Read one of our latest Google reviews from someone local. These are what matter to Louisiana Roof Crafters. Call us today if you are looking for any roofing service in Mandeville. 

Roof Crafters Client Review 5 Stars

Louisiana Roof Crafters Service Area Mandeville: Quality is King

Beginning with the use of high-quality shingles and roofing materials from Owens Corning and other well-known manufacturers, we are committed to providing you with a great job so that you have some peace of mind. Thanks to our knowledgeable local roofers, you can be sure that your roof is designed to weather storms, hail, and other conditions that are typical to the Mandeville area.

Our service does not end with your roof. We also do a great job at not disturbing your environments such as your landscaping and neighbors. Local is the way to go for your Mandeville roofing needs, and Louisiana Roof Crafters, LLC is ready to provide a high-quality solution that is just right for you.

Mandeville Louisiana

Mandeville Louisiana Roofing Contractor Q & A

Do you do roof washing in Mandeville or just Baton Rouge?

We do roof cleaning in Mandeville and the entire Northshore areas all the way to greater Baton Rouge.

What type of roofing shingles do you recommend?

Louisiana Roof Crafters is a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master roofing contractor, and we recommend the CertainTeed brand of asphalt roofing shingles. CertainTeed has the best roofing material warranty in the industry and backs that warranty by being a Fortune 500 corporation.

Do you give free roof inspections in Mandeville?

Yes, we love doing free roof inspections. Every roof inspection we do is an opportunity to meet Mandeville homeowners and possibly work for you.

Do you do roof repair in Mandeville?

Yes, our roofing business loves doing roof repairs. In many cases, we can save you thousands of dollars doing a good roof repair and keep you from having to buy a new roof.

Is a new roof replacement messy?

It certainly can be. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we utilize the Equipter New-Roof No-Mess roofing debris removal system and this is the best way to keep your home clean. The Equipter will also help protect your lawn and landscaping from damage.

Is a new roof replacement messy?

It certainly can be. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we utilize the Equipter New-Roof No-Mess roofing debris removal system and this is the best way to keep your home clean. The Equipter will also help protect your lawn and landscaping from damage.

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