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Metal Roof or Shingles Food For Thought

Metal Roof or Shingles? Food For Thought

Metal Roof or Shingles Food For Thought. Your house is where you reside, where you spend most of your time and feel the safest. However, did you know that your roof provides a big part of that safety? Truth must be said, many Louisiana homeowners tend to neglect their roofs. 

Unfortunately, a damaged roof can put at serious risk the rest of your home as well as your family and belongings. Besides, Louisiana weather can become very unkind sometimes. 

In this sense, it is critical to be preventive, avoiding damage before any emergency occurs. Choosing the right type of roofing system is a critical decision. This choice will lead you to be safe under weather conditions like these. However, many people are unclear about the most convenient roof for their homes and budget. 

Therefore, we will offer you guidance to help you to decide between installing asphalt shingles or a modern d still pricier metal roof.

You will get here the pros and cons of each option. So, you make a well-informed decision.

Metal roofing

Manufacturers employ several types of metals to build roofing panels. Among them are aluminum, steel, copper, and even alloys. By far, steel and aluminum are the material most commonly used by the roofing industry. Their major advantages are their low cost and durability. 

The pros of a metal roof

Ultimately, there are several benefits to replacing your old roof with a new metal roof one:

• Durability

As we said before, Louisiana weather uses to bring us harsh natural events during the year. Fortunately, in comparison with other materials, metal roofs are very robust and durable. There is a frequent occurrence of lightning strikes and other extreme weather events in Louisiana. Thus, we can affirm that Floridian residents need over their heads something they can trust.

Indeed, metal roofs can resist wind speeds of over 140 miles per hour. Besides, they can withstand impacts depending on the material.

• Longevity

One of the best parts of installing a metal roof is that you practically won’t have to worry about replacing it for at least 40 years. Maybe it will be a task for your children!

That is something extraordinary, considering that usually, asphalt roofs last around half of that time.

• Maintenance

Maintenance of the roof might take time. You can check our Roof Preventative Maintenance Program about this. Don’t you like to carry out regular roof inspections? Then, having a metal roof may be a no-brainer for you.  

This does not mean that you will never have to check a metal roof. But, this type of roof certainly requires much less maintenance frequency than asphalt roofs.

The cons of a metal roof

To give you all the elements you need to make the best choice, we’ll also show the cons of installing a metal roof.

• Noise

For some people, the magnitude of the noise a metal roof can produce is notable. After all, living in Louisiana also has its pros and cons, and one of the downs is how noisy storms can be.

Yet, you can minimize the amount of noise a metal roof makes by adding insulation to diminish the effect.

• Cost

Likely, you have deduced that metal roofs are costlier than metal roofs. Actually, their upfront cost may be up to three times higher than asphalt shingles. Also, you have to consider other factors. For example, if you move soon, it will not make sense to invest a significant amount of money in a metal roof since you almost won’t enjoy it.

In the end, only you can determine whether the investment is worth it or not.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are composed of either fiberglass or organic asphalt-coated material. They have a layer with a mixture of quartz, mica, schist, slate, ceramic, or stone. Moreover, they have talc, sand, or mica in their rear side to avoid each shingle adhering to the next.

The pros of asphalt shingles

We highlighted several metal roofing advantages before. But, it does not mean that we are prone to the metal panels option. Indeed, asphalt roofing has relevant benefits to take into account.

• Cost

We already pointed out that the metal roofing initial investment is significantly higher than asphalt roofing. But, to be honest, the real reason why homeowners choose asphalt shingles is affordability.

Most people prefer asphalt roofing due to it protects without your budget. So, if we only consider an economic criterion, installing asphalt shingles is perhaps your best option.

• Fast installation

Installing asphalt shingles is relatively easy. Usually, a pair of days will be enough to get your new asphalt shingles roof completed. However, this time will depend on several factors like the style and complexity of your roof. Also, you have to consider if you will remove or not your old shingles.

But asphalt shingles are the most simple to install roofing material.

The cons of asphalt shingles

When it comes to asphalt shingles, everything comes down to quality. Asphalt shingles provide enough safety against harsh weather conditions. Yet, they have some downsides you have to keep in mind:

• Durability

As the weather goes changing, asphalt shingles go contracting and expanding. This effect makes the shingles crack over time. For this reason, many homeowners do not hesitate when consulted if they prefer metal roofing or asphalt shingles.

• Maintenance

Are you determined on installing asphalt shingles? Then, we invite you to get familiar with our Roof Prevention Maintenance Program. There, you will learn about some factors that cause early deterioration. 

If you want your roof to remain in good condition, you have to perform periodical inspections. Besides, remind that moss and algae tend to form over time, and if you don’t get rid of them, they can destruct your roof.

Check our Roof Prevention Maintenance Program today to make sure your roof is top-shaped throughout your roof lifetime.


We have provided you many elements to think about. Also, we know unpredictable is the Floridian weather. Hence, it’s up to you to determine which type of roofing will suit your home the best.

Either you prefer a metal roof or asphalt shingles, the best approach is to install and maintain it properly. Keep that in mind constantly. Have any questions yet?  

Give Roof Crafters a call at 985-241-8045 or contact us to talk about your roof. Likewise, you can receive a free estimate from one of our specialists in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Mandeville, or the Northshore areas of Louisiana. 

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