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Congratulations on your new roof by Louisiana Roof Crafters. Adding a residential roof maintenance program to your new roof is a great idea. Since you chose Louisiana Roof Crafters over every other roofing company out there, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your confidence in us.  You along with Louisiana Roof Crafters are looking ahead to your future with your new roof. We’re out to prove to you day in and day out- that your confidence in us was well placed. Louisiana Roof Crafters will be with you year after year, starting with this one of a kind maintenance agreement. Below we will explain the features of the maintenance program. Heather Coker has already registered your warranty with the shingle manufacturer to keep that burden off you. Get access to all your new roofing project information anytime at your own client portal.

Residential Roof Maintenance Program

Your home is most likely one of the largest investments you will ever make. Your new roof not only protects your large investment but also adds to the beauty of your home. Louisiana Roof Crafters ongoing maintenance agreement ensures your home and investment is protected and maintained for years to come.

The Louisiana Roof Crafters Commitment to Your New Roof

With the Louisiana Roof Crafters ongoing residential roof maintenance program, you can relax and have peace of mind knowing your new roof is in good hands. Louisiana Roof Crafters will provide you with documentation on the performance of your new roof throughout the life of your roof. Louisiana Roof Crafters will take pictures at each inspection along with filling out a roof inspection sheet, all these things will be uploaded to your SSA client portal. Once in your client portal, you will always have a record of the service your new roof is giving you. This can also be very beneficial when selling your home for your potential buyer.


The Louisiana Roof Crafters LLC Residential Roof Maintenance Program Covered Items, done annually

  1. Inspect attic for any active leaks
  2. Do a walk around the house and inspect fascia and soffit
  3. Inspect drip edge, make sure it is secure
  4. Inspect overhang, make sure there is no damage to the first course of shingles
  5. Clean any debris off the roof and out of valleys
  6. Inspect all flashings, wall to roof, around chimney, and exhaust vent flashings
  7. Inspect all pipe jack flashings around vent pipes
  8. Reseal all penetration points, pipe jacks, flashings and around chimney
  9. Check for any loose shingles or nail pops
  10. If a chimney is present, take pictures and report on any cracks in stucco or bricks
  11. Clean all gutters out (if gutter guards are present there is an additional $35 per hour for labor)
  12. Repaint pipe jacks and any other painted hardware

At the end of the inspection the Louisiana Roof Crafters technician will review all findings with you. If there is any work recommended, they will discuss the options available to you.

3 Factors to Determine How Often You Should Have Your Roof Inspected

Unless you have a drone or are very tall, it can be difficult to monitor the state of your roof. An inspection of the roof can help with that.

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to inspect your home more frequently in certain cases. The following factors can help you determine how often you should have your roof inspected if you are not enrolled in a preventative maintenance program that includes regular inspections.

Weather Conditions

If your roof has been impacted by high winds, hail, or flying debris, it is recommended that you have your roof checked by a professional right away. The following common roof issues will be scrutinized after a significant weather event:
  • Missing, broken, or curling shingles
  • Missing and broken roof tiles
  • Holes in the roof membrane
  • Loose or broken flashings
  • Leaks in the attic
  • Loose or broken ridge vents

Age of Your Roof

Investing in a roof preventative maintenance program will likely affect the frequency of your roof inspections. Homeowners with a roof older than 10 years should have it inspected annually, both on the interior and exterior since older roofs are more susceptible to weather damage.

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Tree Coverage

However, trees can damage your roof and house in the event of a storm, particularly if you have trees in your landscaping. High winds can break your roof, and large branches and limbs can tear off shingles as they fall.

The recommendation is that you schedule an inspection if ideal weather conditions persist for your home after it has been built and if there is little to no tree coverage in your yard. It is important that you inspect your roof every two years if there is a lot of tree coverage in your yard.

Make sure your roof is inspected before it’s too late. Make an appointment with Louisiana Roof Crafters by calling 225-667-1189 today. For a free estimate or to sign up for our Roof Preventative Maintenance Program, please fill out our online form.

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