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3 Types of Roof Damage Summer May Cause

How Summer Weather Can Damage Your Roof

3 Types of Roof Damage Summer May Cause. Every homeowner must periodically check his roof conditions and perform timely the necessary repairs. However, your roof will require you to apply this preventive measure, especially during the summer season.

When the weather is hot, the sunrays hit harder, and high temperatures affect your shingles. If you combine these elements with the typical summer sudden storms, any roofing system will suffer damage over time.

Therefore, you should know the most common types of roof damage summer weather can cause. It will allow you to take the necessary actions to upkeep your roof.

How Summer Weather Can Damage Your Roof

  1. Rotted Roof Deck:

Simply put, the roof deck is the foundation of your roof. Usually, this platform is made of plywood and is placed on the rafters to supports the roofing material. A damaged roof deck means there is grave damage in your shingles that open ways for water filtering.

Summer heat can cause roofing damage from both outsides and inside your home. Outside your home, your roof receives sunrays impact every day. Moreover, it is especially hard during the hottest summer days. 

We cannot see the UV rays. But, their effects are evident. They cause shingles discoloring and make this roofing material lose the asphalt layer soils. So, the shingles bend, crack, and break down over time.

As a result, of broken or missed shingles, leaks will spread on your roof. Likewise, the roof deck is vulnerable to water or humidity damage. So, any leak will affect the base and its integrity. 

But, not only leaks can damage it. Another type of damage may come from inside your home. An overheated attic is a perfect environment for air condensation, which gives place to roofing deck rotting.

The origin of an overheated attic is poor ventilation. Thus, a poorly ventilated roof may generate excessive humidity in your attic leading to a rotted deck.

The rotting can spread, weakening the roof platform and causing grave damage. If this happens, the roofing deck will not support the rest of the roof structure. Besides, the attaching of the deck to the rafters will lose its firmness.

If you do not address timely roof damage like this, the consequences may be significant.

  1. Mold and Moss Growth

Summer rains and a warm climate create the ideal conditions for moss and mold growth. Likewise, tiny and dark spaces are perfect places for them to prosper. Do you know what place put together all these conditions? This place is your home roof.

Little spaces between shingles layers provide an excellent substratum for moisture accumulation. Spores can spread on your roof, covering it with a green and thick carpet.

It is not only aesthetically disagreeable. It can cause severe damage to roofing systems if homeowners don’t eliminate them promptly. 

Moss growth will weaken your shingles seal. The moss pushes up the shingles, dislodging them from their position and misaligning them. Besides, they can break them. 

When moss and mold spread on your roof, there is a high probability of leaks appearing. They avoid water sliding down to the ground. Thus, the water has the chance to seep through the roof structure, reaching your attic interior over time. This situation may lead you to make repairs beyond the roof as other parts of your home could be affected.

Also, when mold and moss develop under shingles, the damage is likely to extend inward. Then, you can perceive a musty smell in your home when mold and mildew are spreading. When this happens, mold growth can affect your family’s health.

Therefore, moss and mold reduce your roof life and make you spend money on more frequent roofing repairs and replacements. 

Humidity accumulation is one of the main reasons for roofing damage. So, perform frequent and thorough inspections is the best you can do to prevent these elements from damaging your roof.

  1. Warped or Cracked Shingles:

During summertime, the sun can generate as much roofing damage as the rain.

You can see it is 100 degrees in your yard. However, it means that your roof is experiencing up to 170 degrees! Indeed, your attic temperature can reach levels 65 percent higher than what a thermometer detects.

Intense heat like this can cause grave damage to your shingles.

In this sense, manufacturers design and build asphalt shingles to last for long years. Yet, even the most robust asphalt shingles can crack and break down under extreme heat. Imagine this situation repeating for days and weeks year after year.  Over time, shingles will tend to bend and crack. Besides, they will lose granules due to the wear and tear process.

So, the mix of hot weather with sudden storms is dangerous for your roof health. 

Don’t Let the Dog Days Get You Down

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