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Living in Louisiana, you’re no stranger to the frequent hurricanes, hail, and extreme weather that can wreak havoc on your home. As these unpredictable elements batter your roof, you need a roofing system that can stand up to the challenge. Enter the FORTIFIED Roofing Solutions from Louisiana Roof Crafters.

Our FORTIFIED Roofing System, combining a reinforced structure with a steel support grid, offers a robust defense against severe weather conditions. Trained to the exacting standards of FORTIFIED Wise™, our professional installers are well-versed in the intricacies of installing our Fortified Roof System. Backed by a 130MPH warranty, our services are not just an investment in your home’s longevity, but a commitment to your peace of mind.

So, if you’re looking for a roofing system that goes beyond the ordinary, the FORTIFIED roofing system is the answer. With its proven durability, resistance to extreme weather, and potential insurance discounts, it’s an investment that offers long-term peace of mind. Choose FORTIFIED, choose Louisiana Roof Crafters, and let us protect your home with the finest Fortified roofing solution available. 

Understanding the FORTIFIED Roof™ System

The FORTIFIED Roof System stands as the pinnacle of roofing systems available in the market today. Developed by FORTIFIED Building Systems and made in the United States, this system is engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions in the country, including tropical storms and hurricanes.

Here are the key elements that make the FORTIFIED Roof™ System an exceptional choice for your home: 

Reinforced Drip Edge

The drip edge of a roof — the part that extends beyond the walls of your home — is a critical aspect of a building’s design that helps control water flow to protect the underlying wood and the house interior. However, this part of the roof can be susceptible to wind damage. The FORTIFIED Roof™ System mitigates this risk by incorporating a wider drip edge and a specially bonded starter strip. These elements combine to create a more resilient edge that can withstand winds up to 130 mph. This sturdy design helps to protect your roof and home during severe weather events by reducing the chance of wind uplift at the roof edges.

Sealed Roof Decks

The roof deck, the surface upon which roofing materials like shingles are applied, is a vital part of a roof’s structure. Traditionally made from materials like plywood or OSB (oriented strand board), roof decks can be vulnerable to water damage if not properly maintained. The FORTIFIED Roof™ System addresses this issue by sealing this critical area with a proprietary material blend, which ensures a tight, watertight barrier against rain and snow while preventing moisture buildup within your home. This specially engineered seal is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards, without degrading over time.

Enhanced Roof Attachment

The method of attaching the roof to the home can make a significant difference when facing high wind forces. Rather than using traditional smooth nails that can loosen under stress, the FORTIFIED Roof™ System employs ring-shank nails installed in an enhanced pattern. This attachment method substantially increases the strength of the roof’s bond to the house, nearly doubling the roof’s resistance to wind forces and making it far more likely to stay intact during severe weather events.

Impact-Resistant Shingles

In regions where hailstorms are common, your roof needs to be prepared to withstand these potentially damaging events. The FORTIFIED Roof™ System rises to this challenge by offering shingles that have undergone rigorous hail-resistance testing. These shingles are composed of innovative materials that outperform most others when it comes to withstanding the impact of hailstones, reducing the potential for damage and subsequent repair costs.

Improved Flashing Seal

Roof flashing, the material that directs water away from critical areas of the roof like joints and seams, is a crucial element in preventing water infiltration. The FORTIFIED Roof™ System takes flashing design to the next level by using a continuous piece of flashing that wraps around vulnerable structures like chimneys and vent stacks. This design eliminates potential gaps that can occur with traditional, separate pieces of flashing, providing a superior seal against water intrusion.

Opting for the FORTIFIED Roof™ System from Louisiana Roof Crafters means investing in a higher level of protection against severe weather. This system offers peace of mind, knowing your home has been equipped to stand firm against the unpredictable and often severe weather conditions that Louisiana is known for.

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At Louisiana Roof Crafters, your peace of mind is our priority. Our FORTIFIED-Trained Roofers are committed to ensuring your home’s protection against harsh weather conditions, providing you with the assurance that you’ve taken significant steps to safeguard your family.

We’re eager to answer any questions you might have about our Fortified Roofing Solutions or our other services. To get a free quote for your specific property, simply reach out to us. We’ll assess your home for free and provide an honest price quote promptly. Protect your home now with Louisiana Roof Crafters – your trusted FORTIFIED-Trained roofer in Louisiana.

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Frequently Asked Questions about FORTIFIED Roof™ System Installation

What exactly is a FORTIFIED Roof™ System?

In the plainest terms, a FORTIFIED Roof™ System is a super-tough, weather-resistant roof designed to take on Mother Nature’s worst. It’s designed to withstand severe weather conditions like hurricanes, high winds, heavy rain, and hailstorms. It involves a combination of reinforced drip edges, sealed roof decks, enhanced roof attachments, impact-resistant shingles, and improved flashing seals.

I live in an area prone to hurricanes. Will a FORTIFIED Roof™ System help protect my home?

Absolutely! The FORTIFIED Roof™ System was specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes. The system’s enhanced attachment method and reinforced drip edge are designed to resist high winds, and the sealed roof deck can help prevent water damage during heavy rains.

Who can install a FORTIFIED Roof™ System?

Only FORTIFIED-educated professionals who have completed FORTIFIED Wise™ training can properly install a FORTIFIED Roof™ System. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, our team has undergone this training for Fortified roof certifications, and is expertly equipped to install your FORTIFIED Roof™ System.

What is the lifespan of a FORTIFIED Roof™ System?

The lifespan of a FORTIFIED Roof™ System depends on several factors, including the local climate and how well the roof is maintained. However, the system is designed to be very durable and withstand severe weather conditions over many years.

So, how does this FORTIFIED Roof™ System shield my home from wicked weather?

If you’re asking yourself “Is a fortified roof worth it?” imagine a knight in shining armor. The FORTIFIED Roof™ System is your home’s suit of armor against severe weather. It’s got reinforced drip edges for wind protection, sealed roof decks to keep water out, extra-strong roof attachments to resist wind, hail-defying shingles, and upgraded flashing seals to ward off leaks.

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