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How Long Should Your Roof Last?

How Long Should Your Roof Last?

How Long Should Your Roof Last? How can I know how long my roof will last? Many homeowners ask themselves this question at some point in their roofs’ life.

No roof will endure forever. This affirmation is especially true in the hot and humid Louisiana climate. However, you can predict how long your current roof will last by looking at how well it is maintained. 

If you want to estimate your roof’s remaining lifespan, consider its current condition. It will be your starting point to make this prediction, particularly if you don’t know when or how it was installed.

Besides, quality matters a lot. The quality of roofing materials employed determines a roof lifespan.

If you live in Louisiana, you cannot take the national average roof lifespan as a reference. The reasons are the intense heat and humidity of our state. For example, summertime rain showers are common in Louisiana. This can wear down your roof more quickly if you live somewhere with a wetter environment. 

Indeed, Louisiana’s high humidity affects the metal fasteners that keep the roof together, leading to corrosion. This fact is more evident in coastal areas.

Do you want to sell or refinance your home? You have to take into consideration the age of your roof in this case. The homeowner’s insurance may not renew for a home with a roof more than 20 years old, even if there is no grave damage.

On the other hand, a prospective buyer may have difficulty finding an insurance company willing to insure the house. Because of this, you may have no choice but to replace your roof altogether. Some plans will only cover the roof’s remaining value at the end of its lifetime.

Certainly, roof age does have a critical role. But, well-maintained roofing systems tend to live longer. Homeowners can prevent major roofing concerns by detecting minor failures before they become major ones. Thus, having a professional evaluate your roof at least once a year is critical. 

Also, you can be attentive to some red flags that may tell you whether your roof is near to the end of its useful life:

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  • Shingles are curling and buckling: When shingles start curling and buckling, the roof becomes vulnerable to the elements. This issue may arise due to poor installation on a recently installed roof.
  • Roof valleys: When two roof slopes meet, you get a roof valley. Since valleys determine rain flow, they are particularly vulnerable to roof leaks. So, missing or falling-apart shingles are a hazard that compromises the valley’s ability to manage water flow. As a result, roof rot and leaks appear when water and debris accumulate in valleys.
  • Shingles granules in the gutters: If you find shingle granules in your gutters, this is an indication that they are wearing away.

We already know that every roof has a particular lifetime. But, you can extend its lifespan by following some steps, such as:

  • Clean the gutters: Get rid of all the leaves in your gutters and downspouts. By doing so, you will prevent water from leaking into your roof sheathing and rotting it. Gutter cleaning is critical in the fall and spring. So, you have the option of cleaning your drainage system by yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you.
  • Remove leaves: Leaves will pile up on your roof if you have trees around your house. Therefore, clear the roof of all debris. Possibly, the leaves on your roof are accumulating and causing damage. 

You can use a garden hose to remove the debris or a leaf blower if you choose to do it yourself. Do not pressure wash the roof since it could harm the shingles.

  • Trim overhanging branches: trimming surrounding trees’ overhanging branches can help a lot to increase your roof’s lifespan. If a tree limb falls on it, shingles or even your home structure may suffer serious damage. Besides, squirrels and other rodents can easily gain access to your roof through overhanging branches. Hence, for safety reasons, keep branches a minimum of 10 feet away from your roof. If there are any dangerous branches on your property, hire a tree service to remove them for you.

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