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The Why And How Of Metal Roof Ventilation


Roofing with metal is a smart choice

The Why And How Of Metal Roof Ventilation. Since standing seam metal roofs have been around for hundreds of years, advances in both material quality and panel design have made them a better roofing solution than ever before. Do metal roofs have any advantages? Definitely! 

The advantages of metal roofing over shingles are nearly endless. Steel is more durable, less maintenance-intensive, fire-resistant, wind- and pest-resistant, and sheds rain and debris better, as well as creating a distinctive curb appeal. 

The cost of a metal roof is higher than a shingle roof, but it is a cost-effective investment. A properly installed metal roof should be your last!

Metal Roofing Ventilation Misconceptions

Because metal is such a durable material, you may have heard that metal roofing does not require the same amount of ventilation as other kinds of roofs. Nevertheless, ventilation is not only necessary due to the nature of the roofing material. With Roof Crafters, we can help you understand the why and how of metal roof ventilation is the best choice for you.

Why Attic Ventilation Is Necessary

If your building has finished spaces for residential or commercial use, a metal roof does not alleviate the need for attic ventilation. We can help explain to you the why and how of metal roof ventilation works.

 If you want a nice 2.5-minute video explaining this very topic, check out our Roofing MythBusters episode on Attic Ventilation. The basic principle is:

You likely learned at an early age that hot air rises. Hot air balloons can lift off because of that! Likewise, heat rises within buildings. Air rises toward the top of the structure. When this air is not vented, it can result in several negative impacts. Here are the reasons on the why and how of metal roof ventilation:

Harder to keep your space comfortable in the summer

Fundamentally, as your roof heats up, your attic will also heat up. With your attic heating up, you will have difficulty controlling the temperature of your living space. 

Your air conditioning system is forced to work harder and stay on longer which results in higher energy costs and quicker wear and tear.

 It is a fact that metal roofs stay cooler than some other types of roofing materials because of their reflective properties. On a sunny day, your roof and your attic will still get hot no matter what kind of roof you have. This heat cannot escape without proper ventilation!

The formation of ice dams during the winter

It might seem like a good thing to have some trapped warm air in the winter to potentially reduce heating costs. Whenever winter precipitation rolls in, unvented roofs suffer negative impacts. 

Due to the heat in your roof, when any accumulated snow or ice melts, it can be rapidly refrozen on or around your roof overhangs. If this happens, ice dams can form, which can be dangerous and damaging. By installing the right roof ventilation, these ice dams can never form in the first place.

Interior condensation problems

When metal roofs are not properly insulated and ventilated, they are more likely to produce interior condensation caused by conductive cooling, also known as “sweating.” If this moisture is not properly managed, it can eventually cause structural damage and mold growth. 

Through activities such as bathing, cooking, and laundry, living spaces can also produce significant amounts of moisture. Those accumulated moistures have no way to escape without proper attic ventilation.

A Proper Approach to Metal Roof Ventilation

The air in your attic can certainly be moved by the use of forced-air fans, but most roof ventilation systems are designed around the idea of static ventilation. It refers to a ventilation system that does not require forced airflow because a natural flow of air is encouraged by the roof system. 

A series of roof vents installed inside your attic helps move heat and moisture up and out of your attic using static ventilation. Maintaining a balance between intake and exhaust is key to a successful roof ventilation system. 

It is a common misconception that as long as they install a few vents in their roof, heat will simply escape.

 If an exhaust vent system is not paired with a good supply of intake vents, the airflow will not be as great as it can be. It is all about the balance and the flow in ventilation. The following types of metal roof vents are available:

Ridge Vents

As with shingle roofs, ridge vents are used for many types of roofs including metal roofs. Standard ridge vents or low-profile ridge vents can be used for metal roofs, too.

 Typically, ridge vents are installed along all of the ridgelines of the roof. Metal roofs are completed with a ridge cap flashing that is designed for metal roofs and venting material placed at the top where the angled metal panels meet. A ridge vent of this type is capable of allowing considerable volumes of warm, moist air to escape.

Intake Vents

But only ridge vents will not suffice. Airflow for proper ventilation is impossible without a proper intake system underneath. You can do this by placing vents on the roof’s lower edge, such as soffit vents or drip edge vents. 

Providing a more consistent airflow throughout the entire roof system, these intake vents draw fresh air naturally as hot air rises in the attic. To ensure that warm air is properly exhausted from the ridge vents, make sure to have enough intake vents.

Gable Vents

Gable vents can function as an intake or exhaust system, depending on your ventilation system. They are typically located at or near the peak of side gable areas. 

Typically, gable vents by themselves do not offer the same degree of protection as a balanced ridge-and-eave ventilation system, but they can provide an additional measure of ventilation and often add some aesthetic value to a building. Hopefully, our tips on the why and how of metal roof ventilation help you understand why this is the best for you.

Why Roof Crafters Is Your Best Choice for the Right Metal Roofing Solution

Considering installing or repairing a new roof on your home? With our roofing company, we can explain to you the why and how of metal roof ventilation is the right choice for you. The triad area’s most reputable roofers are here to help. Commercial and residential structures can benefit from a metal roof. Nevertheless, you should incorporate the right ventilation approach into your roof design as well. 

Choosing the right metal roof partner is crucial if you want to have a beautiful roof, perform reliably, and be built to last. When it comes to roofing in Baton Rouge, Hammond, and Mandeville, Louisiana, look no further than Roof Crafters. Additionally, we design and fabricate standing-seam metal roofs right onsite, in addition to all popular roofing materials. We will provide you with information on the why and how of metal roof ventilation is the best decision for you.

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