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No More Roof Leaks with Bullet Boot! This is just one thing you will get with a new residential asphalt shingle roof from Roof Crafters. We cannot see them from outside, but the inner working depends on them. We are talking about HVAC and plumbing systems, electric cables, and other components.

Among these elements are the pipes we can see coming out of the roof. The shape and quality of them indicate a home’s condition.

Therefore, the Bullet Boot is the right choice for pipe boot flashing.

Typical Problems with Pipe Boot Flashing

Builders and contractors use pipe boot flashings on almost every roof repair and roof replacement. It is just part of roofing.

Pipe boot flashings act as a part of the house’s exhaust system, and its purpose is to keep elements outside.

Unfortunately, the design and manufacturing of these products have not changed in years. Consequently, many homes present deficiencies in their pipe boot flashings, and we mention them below:

• If you use low-cost products, you will get future failures. So, some roofers employ cheap neoprene 3-in-1 flashing to save money.

• Many homes have lead pipe boot flashing, which is a toxic material.



Typical Pipe Boot Used

• Usually, roofers paint flashing to match the roof color. Many of them use only spray paint, which results in fading and peeling. Over time, the fading and peeling leave pipe boot flashing vulnerable to weather elements.

Years ago, these deficiencies were considered as normal because it was the best available quality. But, as it happens in all fields, technology advances. Currently, there are better options for our homes.

Bullet Boot a top-notch pipe boot flashing

No More Roof Leaks with Bullet Boot!  Bullet Boot Advantage


The lifetime Bullet Boot

The Roof Crafters crews employ a high-quality Bullet Boot better than old pipe boot flashings in every aspect. You can see its benefits here:

• They are manufactured using environmentally responsible materials.

• The Bullet Boot has a 35-year manufacturer warranty.

• They are an American-made product and come in several colors to contribute to your home’s curb appeal.

• Besides, the Bullet Boot does not have the two big problems that the design of traditional pieces presents. One of them is that old pieces degrade over time.  The Bullet Boot is 100 percent UV protected, so its quality remains through time. On the other hand, the Bullet Boot is easier to install than the old pipe boot flashing thanks to its flexible TPO construction.

• Additionally, the Bullet Boot has a detachable screen, which impedes pests from getting into your home.

The Bullet Boot design has a clear and essential-for-health purpose: keeping the elements outside your home.

The Best in Pipe Boot Flashing

The Roof Crafters’ goal is to offer high-quality products for the wellness of our family and friends in Louisiana. We provide a top-notch pipe boot flashing in the Bullet Boot. So, this is the first option for roofing contractors for both installing roofs and building new homes.

Possibly, from inside your home, you may not notice any difference. But, if your roof has a low-quality pipe boot flashing, sooner than later, you cannot ignore it anymore. Call Roof Crafters today at 225-667-1189 for a roof inspection in Baton Rouge, Hammond, or anywhere in the Northshore of Louisiana. 

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