Our Team

Chuck Magee Roof Crafters Team Leader

Lead Roof Crafters team member

With over two decades of experience in roofing and construction, Chuck Magee has re-roofed thousands of homes in Louisiana and Mississippi. His high level of local knowledge has made both him and his roofing company, Roof Crafters, trusted experts in crafting quality roofs that are designed for this region’s particular needs and popular roof styles. With a specific focus on Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities of Hammond, Covington, Mandeville and Slidell, Chuck Magee has completed roofing projects from Denham Springs, Louisiana to McComb, Mississippi.

As a roofing consultant, Chuck Magee uses his personal experience and expert knowledge in the industry to assist clients with their roofing projects. His website serves as a launching point for providing educational and practical content to Louisiana residents embarking on a new roof installation or the re-roofing of an existing building. Walking clients through the entire roofing process, he provides valuable insights on what to expect at the start of a new project, common problems that can occur during a new installation, and issues to look for when the roofing work is completed.

Chuck Magee’s extensive local experience also makes him aware of issues that are unique to homes and roofs in the Baton Rouge area. From the particular challenges of Louisiana’s notably steep roofs to potential risks that come with air conditioners, pools and other structures that are near roofing projects, he knows exactly what to look out for — and what to avoid.

His consulting firm also understands roofing and construction from the perspective of the homeowner as well as of the contractor. Having completed a re-roofing of his own home, he has first-hand experience of the challenges and inconveniences these projects can cause for his clients. This makes him a much more understanding and sympathetic consultant for those in the middle of a difficult roofing project.

From new roof installations to re-roofing projects, Chuck Magee’s consulting company is ready to be your go-to source for the expert advice you need. With decades of experience in the industry and in Louisiana, his unique knowledge will ensure that your roofing project goes as smoothly as possible.

James Ghawaly

James, another key member of the Roof Crafters Team is a Native of Louisiana and lives in Hammond. Married for 20 years to wife Susan and has two wonderful children. Favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, woodworking, taxidermy and landscaping. Owns 250 acres in Kentwood where he manages deer and timber and enjoys the great outdoors.James bring years of experience to Roof Crafters from construction to adjusting experience and knows how important it is to keep his client informed throughout the entire construction process.

James started with Roof Crafters since it’s inception and has dedicated all his effort in making Roof Crafters the premiere roofing company in Louisiana and Mississippi.

David Hester

David Hester

David Hester has been a part of the roofing community for almost 6 years. He has helped replace over 500 roofs for homeowners in the Louisiana and Mississippi area. He has extensive experience in dealing with the insurance industry. He thoroughly enjoys the Roofing Industry because it gives him an opportunity to meet the most amazing people.David is 49 years old and has lived in Hammond, Louisiana since he was two years old. His family relocated here from Grand Isle after Hurricane Betsy. He has been happily married to his most wonderful, excellent, smart wife Gaye Clary Hester for 17 glorious years. They have three sons together, Jesse 16, Gabriel 12, and Jonathan 9. He graduated from Hammond High School and attended Southeastern Louisiana University.Prior to roofing, he spent thirty years in the cleaning, detailing, and restoration industry. David is quoted as saying, “Life makes a lot more sense and is way more abundant as I have pursued a relationship with the One who created all that we know.”

Lila Magee

Lila Magee, Roof Crafters Team office manager leader has 40 years experience in business and customer service, having owned her own business for 18 years. Lila attended Southwest Community College. She has taken numerous classes to further her knowledge of customer-based services. She has worked in office management for 19 years having worked five of those years as office manager of a real estate agency. Lila is dedicated to seeing that clients have all the assistance they need in getting their paper work in order to close projects in a timely manner. She is experienced in insurance and mortgage documentation.Lila served as president of McComb Office Professionals for two years, president of McComb Interdenominational Care Association two years and vice-president for one year. She also served as her church treasurer for three years. All of these community-based positions have enhanced Lila’s ability to deal with the public in a variety of situations.

Brandon Samuel

Brandon Samuel is a Texan who moved to McComb, Mississippi with his family in 2000. Prior to roofing, he worked various manual labor jobs in Louisiana and Mississippi. He joined the Roof Crafters team in 2013 and has been very successful thanks to his dedication to hard work and to his clients. Brandon still resides in McComb with his wife, Susan, and they are expecting their first child in November 2015.

Heather Coker

Heather Coker, Roof Crafters team warranty leader was born in McComb, Mississippi and has grown up there as well. She went to Parklane Academy from 1998-2012. While there she was involved in Mu Alpha Theta, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and was very active in softball. Heather also took dance for 14 years from Great Beginnings Dance Studio.After Parklane she went to Southwest Mississippi Community College. Heather was given the opportunity to play for their softball team under a scholarship her freshman year. Sophomore year, she enrolled in business courses in preparation for getting a degree in business administration and marketing.

Growing up Heather shadowed her dad, Chuck, throughout all his businesses, from selling land to presently, roof crafters. She started working for roof crafters may of 2013. “I’ve learned a lot about the roofing industry in such a little time. Roof crafters has invested a great deal of time and money in broadening my knowledge about this industry” Heather said.

Will Lampton

Will Lampton, Roof Crafters Team operations leader started his life in Dexter, Mississippi, playing football, hunting and working on the family farm. Will and his wife, Marcia, have 4 children. Their oldest son, Casey, is studying for his degree in teaching. Caitlin, their oldest daughter, is in the Army National Guard-Miltary Police. Brooklyn, the youngest girl of the family, will graduate this May, and then she will be off to nursing school. The youngest Lampton is William, and he likes doing anything outside. And we just have to mention that we are having our first grand-baby in June.God has blessed our family in so many ways. For 27 years Will worked as a land developer and bought and sold real estate. He has worked in Washington, DC to Louisville, KY and all over the great state of Texas. He will tell you that he loves what he does, and that it makes a difference. He loves working with people and always wants the customer to be happy. Will is always looking for ways to improve any business that he is in – always looking for opportunities to help everyone be their best.

Vickie McKinney Frelich

Vickie Frelich

Vickie McKinney Frelich was born and raised in Killian, Louisiana. She graduated from Springfield High School and went on to attend Southeastern Louisiana University to further her studies. Vickie later moved to Empire, Louisiana, where she met her husband of 15 years, Fabian, and had one daughter. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends by swimming, fishing, watching, football, and outdoor entertaining.Once Hurricane Katrina devastated the area, they decided to relocate to Denham Springs. After 10 years of banking and some time in the real estate industry, Vickie decided to join the Roof Crafters team. With this job she enjoys helping homeowners by focusing on the details that will help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. She feels very blessed to be able to have a job that allows her the opportunity to help others and still be a devoted wife and mother.

Matt Blalock

Matt Blalock was born and reared in McComb, Mississippi. Matt worked in the tugboat industry for two years prior to becoming a part of the Roof Crafters family. Although he is one of our younger salesman, he strives to help his clients and to be successful in his work. Matt is a country boy who loves to hunt, fish and spend time with his family. He currently resides in Liberty, Mississippi with his wife Danielle Blalock.

Michael Watts

Michael is a Baton Rouge native and was raised in Central, Louisiana. He has over 10 years of sales and customer service experience, and proudly serves the needs of his customers in the Baton Rouge, Livingston, and Northshore areas, to name a few. Michael is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University, and currently lives in Hammond with his wife, Jennifer, and their two dogs, Bettie and Hazel. Though he understands that there are many in the industry that can put a roof on your home, there are few that will work alongside you with the honesty, passion, workmanship, and peace of mind that Roof Crafters provides.

Johnny Marcia

Johnny Marcia is a hardworking and dedicated bilingual salesperson with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. His experience includes marketing a wide variety of products both on the local and national level.  He is known for his personalized service to each client he encounters and his guaranteed positive customer service. In other words, Johnny will not close an account until the customer is totally satisfied with his product and assured that he just got the best service from a competitive company.  

Born in New Orleans, Johnny is a family man and on his time off enjoys a musical career. He owns his own award-winning Latin band and is part of Cervantes, a non-profit organization, that promotes the Latino arts and culture in Louisiana. He also enjoys traveling and raising his two sons.