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Louisiana Roof Crafters is a CertainTeed Corporation Select Shingle Master roofing contractor for Slidell Louisiana. Less than 1% of Slidell roofing contractors are Select Shingle Master with the CertainTeed Corporation. This assures you that you will get high-quality work and the best roofers near you in Slidell. So, if you find yourself asking Google roofing contractors near me in Slidell LA, think Louisiana Roof Crafters. This strategic partnership with CertainTeed means our business can offer up to a 50-Year roof warranty on every new roof replacement using CertainTeed roofing products. 

For the future of our business, we work hard every day to build a solid reputation and show exceptional service. Read one of our latest 5-Star Google reviews, and then click the Google link and check out all our 300 plus Google reviews from local Louisiana homeowners just like you.

We are not perfect, but we stand behind our work.

The #1 thing we strive for is a great roofing experience for you. Read how our business stands behind every new roofing job. Read how happy Mr. Vic was during his process.

A Little About Louisiana Roof Crafters

Louisiana Roof Crafters has served the Slidell LA area for over a decade.

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Roofing Services Offered in Slidell Louisiana

As the roofing contractor for Slidell Louisiana, Louisiana Roof Crafters offers roof washing, roof treatment, roof repair, and new residential roofing systems.

Roof Washing

If you have dark streaks on your roof or maybe the entire roof is black but should be gray, you probably need a roof wash. Our one-of-a-kind roof cleaning will also remove algae from your vinyl siding and gutters. Louisiana Roof Crafters has a soft wash system for your roof that no other roofing contractors Slidell LA can offer. Yes, you heard that right, our roofing business has an exclusive roof cleaning & roof wash system.

Check out our video showing how Louisiana Roof Crafters can wash your roof and make it look new again. 

Roof Treatment

You may be asking what a roof treatment service is. Roof treatment work is done after we wash your roof. When Louisiana Roof Crafters treats your shingles with our exclusive Roof-A-Cide roof treatment products, we provide you with a 2-Year guarantee that algae will not grow back on your shingles. Not only do you get the 2-Year guarantee, but this also means you never have to wash your roof again. Get your roof on the exclusive Louisiana Roof Crafters Platinum maintenance program and have your roof looking new from now on.

This is something that cannot be done with other roof wash products like bleach and other chemicals. Our roofing business is the only roofing company in Louisiana with Roof-A-Cide roof cleaning and treatment service. A simple online search for best roofing company near me and you’ll see us at the top!

Roof Repair

If your roof has a leak or problems other than just not looking good, a local Louisiana roofing company is what you need. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, we love doing roof repairs. We believe that many homeowners that buy a new roof can use a roof repair and get many more years of good service life from their current roofing system.

Call Louisiana Roof Crafters today and have one of our trained project managers come and provide you with a free inspection and estimate to find out if you need a repair or a new roof replacement.

Have our professional roofer fix your roof, then have our team wash and treat your shingles for a brand new-looking roof without having to pay for new roofing services.

New Residential Roof Replacement

If you have had extensive damage to your roofing shingles, you may need a new residential asphalt shingle roof. This is what Louisiana Roof Crafters is best known for, great roofing systems and a smooth experience for our clients. If a roof repair will not solve your roofing problems, it may be time for a new CertainTeed roofing system.

Have one of our trained project managers give you a free inspection first then you can discuss free estimates for a new roofing system.

Roofing Company for Slidell Louisiana: About Our Great City

If you have ever wondered what the Slidell, LA GEO code is, wonder no more.

Check out some interesting facts and some local history about Slidell, LA that maybe you didn’t know or haven’t thought about lately.

Slidell city website: www.myslidell.com

Slidell services areas for Louisiana Roof Crafters by Zipcode:

70458, 70459, 70460, 70461, 70469

The only area code we have for Slidell, LA is: 985

Our GEO Coordinates: 30°16′45″N 89°46′40″W

Slidell is a beautiful city in St. Tammany Parish, LA. This city is located on the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Our city is not huge when you think in terms of population. As of the 2010 census, there were only around 27,000 people living in Slidell. If you look at our landmass, we are a very nice size city. Slidell, LA has over 15 sq miles of landmass making room for some great parks and open areas for the kids.

Slidell’s beginnings go all the way back to 1836 with a man named Foster Willie. Foster was one of the earlier settlers and like so many small towns back in that time, was centered around a lumber mill. We typically compete with other roofers in the area like Garcia Roofing.

This city was founded in 1882 during the construction of the Northeastern Railroad. This was what connects New Orleans to Meridian Mississippi. Slidell was named after the Confederate ambassador, France Mr. John Slidell.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Roofing Contractor for Slidell Louisiana

Do you do roof repairs only in Slidell?

We do all types of repairs in the local Slidell and southern areas of Louisiana. We even do flat roof repairs. At Louisiana Roof Crafters, our first goal is to repair your roof. If a rock-solid roof repair will not fix your roofing issues, then our project manager will discuss a new roof with you.

Do you install metal roofs?

Yes, metal roofs are a growing segment of the residential roofing industry. Even with the increases in metal prices, homeowners still see a huge value in the length of lifespan for metal roofs. Depending on your roof style, a new metal roof could be a great choice for your new roofing system.

Do you install gutters in Slidell?

Yes, we do work on gutters at Louisiana Roof Crafters.

Why Should I Choose a CertainTeed Elect Shingle Master Roof?

All CertainTeed Elect Shingle Master roofers must complete training and testing from roofing industry giant CertainTeed Corporation. The extra training, testing and monitoring that CertainTeed does helps a Slidell LA homeowner have peace of mind with any project done by a CertainTeed certified roofing contractor for Slidell Louisiana. Read or blog post on 3 advantages of choosing a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master Roofing Contractor for an even deeper dive on this subject.

Do you sell attic insulation?

Yes, Louisiana Roof Crafters is Top Of The House certified with the Owens Corning Corporation. This gives our business advanced training in attic insulation as well as attic ventilation and what your needs are with your roofing system. Most people do not know but your attic insulation & ventilation are part of your roofing system. It takes all parts of your roofing system to protect your home and get the full life expectancy from your roofing system.

Will washing my roof cause a roof leak?

If you did not have the right services, we cannot guarantee that a small leak will not occur during the roof wash process. Depending on the roofing materials used and the quality of the workmanship, it is possible for a small leak to happen. Louisiana Roof Crafters will first do a thorough roof inspection and give you a full report. If our project manager sees danger, he will inform you of it.

Can you install a metal roof on a mobile home, and do you do this?

Yes, you certainly can install a metal roof on a manufactured home. We have installed hundreds of metal roofs on mobile homes in the past 10-years. Metal makes a great roofing system for most mobile homes. There are a few additional steps we take at Louisiana Roof Crafters due to the low slope of most manufactured homes’ roofs. Call and have one of our project managers give you a free estimate for a metal roof on your mobile home.

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