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Why Buy A Metal Roof

Top Reasons To Buy A Metal Roof starts with an upgrade your home’s exterior to be more beautiful and energy-efficient design? Or, perhaps your roof has suffered weather damage and you need to replace it with one that performs well against the elements. Louisiana-based Roof Crafters offers a metal roof that can provide your home with years of protection, raise your property value, and contribute to the overall beauty of your neighborhood and home. These are just a few top reasons to buy a metal roof for your next new roof. See why metal is the way to go.

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Benefits of Installing A New Metal Roof

Residential metal roofing has quadrupled its market share over the past decade, and there’s a reason why. Other roofing materials experience weakened integrity as they age, but a metal roof can withstand much more without suffering the same damage. Just a few more top reasons to buy a metal roof. Metal roofing, with its 50+ years of proven performance expectation, maintains its value and provides benefits for your home, such as:

House Roof
House Roof
  • Wind resistance through interlocking panels
  • Fire resistance to protect your home
  • Energy-efficient design that keeps your home cooler
  • Structural integrity preservation from the lower weight than other roofing materials
  • Styles that complement any type of home or neighborhood

Metal Roof Panels Crafted With That Extra Advantage

As a metal roofing contractor, Roof Crafters takes your residential roofing needs seriously. We only use the best metal roofing systems to cover your home. Our metal roof-of-choice is the residential panel 26 gauge, which offers multiple benefits that extend even further than those of a fine metal roof. Metal roofing systems have been tested for many years in the residential and commercial markets, proving they can stand up in the toughest of conditions. It comes with a 50-year lifetime limited warranty on color. Other top reasons to buy a metal roof system include:

  • A variety of colors to match current home design trends
  • Optional PVDF powder coating that allows custom colors and blends
  • Concealed fasteners that provide added beauty and weather-tightness
  • Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 coatings
  • Intricately designed metal roofing profiles
  • hI-R Heat Barrier finishes that reflect radiant heat even in the darkest colors
  • Proven “no-clog” valley flashing designs
  • Factory-formed custom flashings
  • Low weights starting at 0.45 pounds per square foot
  • Constructed with up to 95 percent recycled content

Different Types of Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home

There are many different types of metal roofing panels for you to choose from for your home. Depending on your taste, budget, and style of home, these things will help you decide which type of metal panel to purchase. Most homeowners choose the residential panel for a few good reasons. The residential panel is less expensive than other types of metal panels. In Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and through Hammond and the north shore we have very standard types of homes. The residential panel is easy to work with and fits many styles of Louisiana homes.

If you would like a more expensive roof with better warranties, you can jump up to a Perma-lok panel, secure-seam, mech-seam, or a 5-V metal roofing panel. A few benefits of a standing seam metal panel are, no exposed fasteners and it is on a floating deck. One problem in the past with metal roofs has always been having to replace the screws after a few years. The screws would back out due to a few reasons, expansion of the metal roof over time. When a metal roof is cold in the morning and then heats up across the day, the metal would contract and then expand placing stress on the fasteners or screws. With the standing seam roof expansion of the metal roofing panels is not a problem and makes a great choice for a new metal roof.

Our Roof Crafters metal roof installation teams are trained and experienced with the installation of many different types of metal roofs, and we offer a caring customer support team that’s always available to answer questions and help homeowners. As you weigh your options for a new roof, please contact us to discuss how a new metal roof can be your best and most beautiful upgrade yet. These are just some top reasons to buy a metal roof.

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