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Why You Should Choose Stone-Coated Metal Roofs

During recent years, stone-coated metal roofs have become one of the preferred roofing materials. The great functional advantages that this material offers avails this preference. This type of material provides all the metal roofing benefits adding the traditional appeal from materials such as tiles or shingles. 

Are you thinking about replacing your roofing system? Would you like to use an alternative roofing material for a new building project? In any case, stone-coated metal roofing is an excellent option for you. 

At Roof Crafters, we have a wide variety of products that fulfills any roofing related need. In this sense, we’ll expose to you the advantages of our stone-coated metal roofing systems.

  • Supreme Durability: metal roofs are strong roofing materials able to resist a lot of damage. By far, this material is much more robust than traditional roofing materials. From strong winds to hail storms, it will withstand even under severe weather circumstances and make an excellent roof for any Baton Rouge, LA home.

In normal conditions and receiving periodical maintenance, traditional roofing materials can last for around twenty years. But, when properly installed and under a non-extreme climate, a stone-coated metal roof can reach up to seventy years. So, thanks to its extraordinary durability, it is a brilliant long-term investment.

In this regard, we offer the Gerard® stone-coated metal roof, one of the most robust metal roofing materials in the market. This manufacturer employs 3/16 galvalume® coated steel to produce its metal roofs. This feature provides them a minimum lifetime of 50 years since they do not bend, crack, and even resist corrosion.  

  • Beautiful Appearance: Our stone-coated roofs do not look like ordinary metal roofing materials. Their stone-coat gives them a traditional appeal. Besides, due to the extensive variety of colors and textures they come, you will always find one that suits your home style. 

Among the available colors are Ironwood, country Blend, Timberwood, Charcoal, Barclay, and many others. Another remarkable benefit these products offer is the little roof maintenance they require. Thus, they’ll conserve their beauty through their useful life. 

  • They’re eco-friendly: Do you prefer to buy environment-friendly products? Then, when it comes to roofing, Gerard is your best choice. In its manufacturing process, they use 100% recyclable materials. Also, their metal roofs contain 30% off recycled steel. So, this top-notch roofing company contributes to preserving natural resources, not only manufacturing energy-efficient products.

Their plants recycle pallets and paper. Likewise, of their total industry wastes, only 2% or less of them end in landfills. All these factors show Gerard’s commitment to natural environment preservation.

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By installing a stone-coated metal roof will mean a significant added value to your property. Thus, this is one of the best roofing options due to its notable durability, outstanding sustainability, and beautiful appeal.

During your first consultation, we will offer you the best roofing materials for your particular requirements. Call us at (225) 667-1189, and we’ll tell you how our products will help you. We serve many areas in Baton Rouge, LA, and it’s surrounding communities.

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