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Adding More Attic Insulation Has Many Advantages


Louisiana Roof Crafters believes that adding more attic insulation has many advantages. It is likely that you have never given much consideration to the insulation in your attic. That thing has probably been there since the construction of your house began. Or perhaps you have no insulation at all. No matter your financial position, you should update the attic insulation in your house.

Is there anything more I should know? The following are a few advantages that may persuade you to get your attic insulation replaced.

Reduced Costs of Electricity

In the United States, heating, and cooling account for most domestic energy use. Likewise, under-insulated homes used to cost considerably more to heat and cool. If you install insulation in your attic, flooring, and crawl spaces, your utility expenses will drop by roughly 15 percent. Updated attic insulation is an excellent method to cut your utility costs, even if the precise amount of money you save depends on several factors.

Enhanced Structural Strength for the House

Your home’s walls will erode over time because of the effects of moisture and heat. You may prevent water vapor from leaking into your walls by installing insulation in your attic. Also, it reduces the amount of heat that builds up. Your roof shingles and deck plywood will not warp or fracture because of this. Insulation also inhibits the formation of ice dams, which occur when snow refreezes on the edge of a roof.

An attic insulation project is also a good moment to check for other issues. Indeed, it is a good idea to check for rodent bedding or structural problems under the old insulation before adding new attic insulation to your house.

It is also possible that the insulation material in your house is old and unsuitable for today’s housing industry. So, check whether your insulation contains any glossy or speckled elements. If so, these may contain asbestos.

Comfortable Indoors

It should come as no surprise that heat moves from hot to cold regions. HVAC systems can only reduce the deterioration of the attic’s insolation, not stop it. As a result, when the weather outside changes, your home will get hotter or colder faster because of the absence of insulation. In addition, if the temperature in your home fluctuates from one floor to another, this might be a symptom of insufficient insulation. In addition, if the temperature in your home fluctuates from one floor to another, this might be a symptom of inadequate insulation. As a result, you will significantly enhance your home’s year-round comfort by installing better attic insulation.

The Quality of the Air in Your Home

A lack of sufficient insulation means that even if you do everything in your power to keep them out, dust, mildew, and mold can find their way into your house. Toxins accumulate in the home over time, lowering the quality of the air we breathe. An attic insulation upgrade is all that is needed to keep pollutants out of your home. In addition, by removing and replacing your old insulation, you eliminate any contaminants that may have been contained in the previous material.

Create an Additional Room in Your House

During the summer, attics may get unbearably hot. Likewise, during the winter, they can become dangerously chilly. But you can transform the attic into an additional room with proper insulation. If your attic complies with building rules, this might add square footage to your house. It might be a simple job to accomplish and provide you with a return on your investment right away!

The Verdict

Insulating your attic is a smart investment for you and your family. Attic insulation is a must-have for several reasons, including decreased utility costs and improved indoor air quality. It is time to contact a local roofing contractor like Louisiana Roof Crafters.

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