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Can a Metal Roof be Installed on a Shingle Roof?


Can a Metal Roof be Installed on a Shingle Roof? This is a very common question homeowners have when wanting to swap from a shingle roof to a metal roof. Metal roofing is one of the most efficient and long-lasting roofing options out there. While traditional options like asphalt shingles are still used in the majority of the properties, metal roofing, with its unrivaled durability and energy efficiency, is growing at an exponential pace especially in the residential space.

However, homeowners with an existing shingle roof may be confused about making the switch to a stunning and resilient metal roof? Is it possible to install a new metal roof over your existing shingle roof? Or you need to undertake a complete roof replacement project?

Technically, it is possible to install a metal roof over your shingles provided your existing roofing system doesn’t have more than four shingle layers. That said, re-roofing has its own set of complications and that’s why it is not a recommended way to install a new roof.

Why Metal Roofing Should Not Be Installed Over Shingles?

While installing a new roof over your existing one seems a pretty simple and straightforward process, it can result in a range of issues a few years down the line. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it’s better to remove your existing shingle roof before installing a metal roof.

1. Before installing a new roof, you need to make sure that your roof decking and foundation are in good shape to support a new roof. This can be only done by removing the existing shingle roof. This way, roofing professionals can get an accurate picture of the current condition of your roof and detect any underlying issues such as wood rot.

2. There’s an increased risk of creating uneven surfaces when you install the furring boards over your shingles. This may result in a deformed or wavy metal roof, leading to aesthetic and functional issues in your new metal roof.

3. Even in cases, where re-roofing is possible, some incompetent roofers neglect the importance of covering the existing roof with a solid wooden base before installing a new roof. In absence of a wooden base, asphalt granules can damage the coating of your new metal roof, significantly reducing its longevity, performance, and weather resistance.

Replacing your existing roof with an energy-efficient metal roof is a big investment. Cutting corners in this case will only reduce the performance and value of your new roofing system, defeating the whole purpose of investing in a new metal roof.

On the other hand, if installed properly by experienced professionals, metal roofing can prove to be one of the best investments you can make in any of your home improvement projects. Let’s see why:

  • Energy-Efficient: As compared to traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal roofs offer far superior energy efficiency. Their natural reflective properties, along with highly reflective coatings, do a great job of maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature in your home, especially during the peak summer. Having a metal roof can help you save almost 20 percent on your cooling costs.
  • Fire and Wind Resistant: Contrary to traditional materials, metal roofs are highly resistant to wind and fire damage. Furthermore, since most metal roofs are installed by interlocking or overlapping the metal panels, they stay intact during strong winds and storms, making them one of the most wind-resistant roofing systems on the market.
  • Exceptionally long Lifespan: While traditional materials can deteriorate with age, metal roofs keep looking and performing like brand new for many years and years. Most metal roofs have a life expectancy of over 50 years.
  • Unrivaled Versatility: Metal roofs are available in a huge range of designs and styles. They are highly adaptable and can fit any architectural style effortlessly. Some products can imitate the appearance of any roofing material including slate, wood, tile, and shingles, to name a few.
  • The Most Lightweight Roofing Option: Metal is a lightweight yet sturdy roofing material that can help avoid structural issues normally caused by heavy roofs. This is especially common in places that are prone to earthquakes.

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