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Common Skylight Installation Errors


Common skylight installation errors from Louisiana Roof Crafters. Looking for a way to organically brighten your house or office without needing to install more lighting? A skylight installation may be the answer. And it is literally over your head!

However, a bad-installed skylight can bring more headaches than light to you. It may cause leaks and costly damage to your roof structure. 

Hence, every professional contractor must avoid the following common errors when installing skylights

Avoiding Common Skylight Installation Errors

Skylights have been a popular choice for homes and businesses for years. They give free daytime light, reducing your utility expenses. 

There are several powerful reasons to add skylights to your property. Likewise, there are several installation mistakes to avoid. So, you should be aware of:

Poor Placement

Some homeowners solely consider the inside when deciding where to install skylights. However, finding a dark area or place that needs extra light is only half the task. Also, it is vital to notice what is above the ceiling in that location. 

Make sure there are not any pipes or complex wiring right overhead. These elements might obstruct skylight installation. Besides, ensure your roof design allows direct sunlight access above the proposed installation site. Otherwise, your skylight will be ineffective.

Installing in a Damaged Roof

Installing a skylight doesn’t imply having a recently installed roof. But make sure it works correctly before starting the installation. If your roof is older or has known leaks, you should first examine whether it needs repair or replacement. Installing a skylight requires making a hole in your roof. So, if your roof is not in excellent shape, you only will get more leaks and water damage.

Taking Skylight Installation as a DIY Project

A skylight installation is one of the most complicated and time-consuming home or business remodeling undertakings. If you make an error at any step while installing a skylight, the results may be critical. 

Thus, if you don’t have skills and experience with skylights, hire a qualified and insured specialist.

Ignoring Some Good Tubular Options

A tubular skylight may be preferable in many cases. A tubular skylight consists of a covered tube (or tubes) that runs from the roof down into your building’s interior. 

Tubular skylights provide several advantages depending on the building’s structural architecture. They have less leakage, are less costly to install, and may be constructed to fit in smaller places than standard skylights.

Choosing the Cheapest Option

Probably, you’re looking for the cheapest skylight option. However, keep in mind that, with skylights, cheaper is not necessarily better. Cheaper materials just do not produce the same effects. 

Therefore, a more expensive and better skylight material may wind up saving you more in the long run in terms of performance and electricity bill savings.

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Good General Rules to Follow

The following suggestions will help you incorporate the beauty of a sunny sky into your home design plans:

–       Begin with a Plan

Plan of time every detail of the result.

–       Here Comes the Sun

Consider the daily motion of the sun in relation to your structure. If you want direct sunshine, a south-facing roof is best. A north-facing skylight may be the greatest option for a softer, more diffuse light source.

–       Bigger Is Better

Some homeowners may believe that going smaller will save money. But most of the expense is in the installation. So, the cost difference between a small and a large skylight is little. 

–       Consider the tubular option

A tubular skylight might be a terrific option, especially if that space is limited.

–       Consider Aesthetics

Experts advise avoiding installing skylights on a street-facing roof because they appear out of place. Align your skylight with a window, door, or other existing feature, so it doesn’t seem out of place within your home.

–       Hire a Skilled Roofing and Skylight Installer

Cutting holes in your roof exposes you to many potential difficulties if not handled properly. Therefore, leave the skylight installation to a skilled, licensed, and insured local specialist.

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