Things Included in a Job Proposal

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Louisiana Roofing Contractor is here to give you things included in a job proposal. Every smart homeowner will want to verify the legitimacy of a roofing contractor. One of the best ways to do it is by requesting a job proposal.

This document should include all the information you need to make an informed decision. Your contractor must provide clear, precise, and segmented proposals with an exact estimate that you can use throughout the roofing job and payment processes.


A job proposal may include many things. But the following nine elements are the essential ones. Does the original proposal not contemplate any of these points? Ask your contractor for a comprehensive and revised one. This will give you more confidence in the service they are offering.

Roofing Job Proposal: What It Must Include

  1. Type of Roof 

A proposal should include information on the roofing material, manufacturer, color, shingle arrangement, and more. Also, this may contain specifications such as the size, slope, pitch, and area.

This way, you can compare the numbers and items to the estimate they offer and make sure the charges meet the characteristics of the roof you want to build.

  1. Materials

A roof is a structure that comprises a variety of materials. Thus, a job proposal must specify which material your roofer will use.

Indeed, a proposal must contain not only the kind of roof you will have but also a detailed list of the materials to employ. For example, this list should include materials such as underlayment, ice dam prevention membrane, ice and water shield, and even nails.

  1. Scope

This section should show what you, your contractor, and your insurance company agreed to perform on your roof. If the agreement is to replace or repair an existing roof, this must appear in this document explicitly.

Also, they must provide full details of how many items need replacement, how many they will have to remove, where the flashing will be installed, and how they will do the work.

  1. People Responsible

This section should cover any damage your roof may have. For example, if a worker on your roof damages a window, the contractor should be held liable. So, read this section carefully before signing anything.

Some unethical companies state in their proposals that they are not accountable for harm. This attitude is unprofessional. So, you should address it before signing a contract.

  1. Installation Method

Different roofs require different installation procedures. Roofers cannot handle equally every type of shingle. So, make sure the job proposal specifies the methods to employ, such as alternative fastening techniques.

Having this information clearly stated in the proposal is very convenient. You can refer to this document in the future if you have problems due to defective installation. Besides, this evidence can help with a warranty claim.

  1. Estimate

Some job offers omit or give the estimate separately. In any case, it is necessary. This is especially true if your homeowner’s insurance is paying for your new roof. Pre-read this and ask questions if anything confuses you.

Some contractors add chargers that are not essential or even reasonable. If you are paying cash, this is a major worry. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.

  1. Time to Finish

A roof work might take 4 days to 3 weeks. This time limit depends on several aspects such as roofing materials, the magnitude of the damage, and roof size.

Also, it will depend on your schedule. That is, it may take longer if you want them to work for a specific number of hours on certain days. Use this as a reference for handling your daily life while your home is under construction.

  1. Payment Methods

This includes the total cost, the payments schedule, the ways you can use to pay, and whether the insurance company will pay for something or not.

If anything is incorrect in this section, notify your contractor and insurance provider immediately.

  1. Warranty Period

The warranty part may be complicated. Some contractors do not offer a labor warranty. However, they should include the manufacturer’s warranty information, which varies based on the company they acquire the materials from. Coverage covers poor workmanship, installation, materials, water leaks, and more.

You will need this information if an issue appears, and you need your contractor returning to your home to make repairs. Usually, these repairs are free of charge if the contractor guarantees its work.

Louisiana Roof Crafters guarantees that our job proposals are as detailed as our free no-obligation inspections. Besides, we give you adequate time to study the proposal and confirm that it is correct and to your satisfaction.

For more information regarding this topic, please contact Louisiana Roof Crafters at 985-241-8045. We service Baton Rouge, Covington, Denham Springs, Hammond, Mandeville, Slidell, and surrounding areas in Louisiana. 

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