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Ways to Eliminate Moss from Your Roof

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Louisiana Roof Crafters has put together a guide on the ways to eliminate moss from your roof. Moss may add a splash of color to a roof, and some homeowners find that charming. The vivid hue might work well with the home’s current decor to create a welcoming atmosphere. However, moss growth on roofs is cause for concern. Indeed, you must eradicate it as soon as possible.

We provide answers to any questions you may have about eliminating roof moss. To schedule a roof inspection with Louisiana Roof Crafters, call 225-238-6396. But, first read the information we bring you below.


Reasons for the Proliferation of Moss on Roofs

Due to its shallow root structure, moss cannot take up water and nutrients through its roots. Instead, the plant absorbs water through its leaves.

These plants thrive when their roots are constantly in water. Do you have moss or other fuzzy green flora growing on your roof? Probably, there is enough moisture for it to do so.

Moss reproduces by microscopic spores that may float on the wind. They fall on any suitable surface, for example, the roofs. When animals like birds and squirrels scamper or fly above a home, they can come into contact with the spores and bring them onto the roof.

Moss Issues on Roofs

A roof’s appearance is not the only thing moss growth may ruin. Also, it can weaken the structure itself. While water is essential for moss growth, it is harmful to roofing materials such as shingles, tiles, and shakes, not to mention the buildings underneath. Wood rot, internal water damage, and early deterioration of roofing materials are possible results of excess moisture.

Moss on the roof is a problem year-round. The plant will grow and reproduce rapidly due to the wet spring and summer. Moss’s excess moisture can cause frost as temperatures drop in the fall and winter. This effect can have various effects on roofing materials. 

Ice will do the following:

  • Cause fiber damage to wood shakes
  • Crack tiles when the water freezes and expands
  • Eliminate UV-protective granules from composite shingles

Over time, moss will weaken the integrity of any roofing material. Because of how well it adheres to wood and asphalt shingles, these surfaces are where you will most often see it. The most moss-proof roofs are made of metal.

The Best Methods for Removing Roof Moss

Do you like the sight of moss on your roof? Probably, you think it is aesthetically pleasing. Even so, you should get it removed as soon as possible to save money on roof maintenance. How to quickly and effectively remove roof moss is outlined here.

  • First step:

A solid ladder, scrub brush, water hose, and slip-resistant shoes are all essential pieces of gear. Wear old clothes and gloves to protect yourself from the muck that will inevitably be generated throughout the moss removal procedure.

  • Second step:

Safely remove the moss off the roof by first clearing the area with a soft-bristled brush or a hose. Take your time and be gentle with the shingles, tiles, or shakes as you work.

  • Third Step:

To avoid additional development, clean the affected areas using a cleaning solution. This procedure is particularly useful for removing moss off roofs. On the contrary, a scrub brush would cause irreparable damage. You may use a commercial moss killer, or you can make your own by mixing laundry bleach with water.

After letting the solution sit for up to 20 minutes, rinse the roof thoroughly with a low-pressure hose.

Stopping the Spread of Moss

Maintaining a dry exterior will keep moss from settling on your roof. Remove any overhanging tree branches to achieve this goal. This measure increases the amount of sunshine reaching your home’s roof.

You must remove debris from your roof regularly. Cleaning the roof will lessen the likelihood of moss growth, as leaves and twigs may spread moss spores as the wind can.

Have The Pros Inspect Your Roof

Louisiana Roof Crafters is a roofing repair company based in Louisiana. Because of our extensive training and expertise, we can eradicate moss from roofs without jeopardizing the integrity of the roof or the aesthetic value of the property. 

Louisiana Roof Crafters is the company to call in Louisiana for roof repair and replacement. Our roofing experts provide many roofing services, from inspections to new roof installations and gutters repairs.

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