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What Are Some Popular Roof Styles for New Homes in 2023?

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If you’re wondering “What are some popular roof styles for new homes in 2023?” Let Louisiana Roof Crafters help you out. Are you building a new house or renovating your old roof? Regardless of your purpose, you will have a wide variety of roof designs from which to choose. Any of them can complement the aesthetic of your home and provide the best protection from harsh weather.


Certainly, you can choose from hundreds of distinct roofing designs! 

One of our main objectives is to help you make informed decisions about your home’s roof. Thus, we will go through the advantages of the most common roofing materials.

Gable Roofs

It is a square building with two sloping sides that meet in the center to form a triangle. A gable roof consists of two parallel slopes that meet at the roof’s apex and are left open at their ends. It is like a tent roof, is easy to install and maintain, and complements almost any architectural design.

  • Gable roof benefits:
  • Excellent water and snow shedding
  • There are no valleys or weak points where leaks can form.
  • Have room for spacious attics.
  • Well-ventilated
  • Simple to fix and replace if necessary.
  • Gable roof downsides:
  • Strong winds can lift their edges.
  • They might collapse when installed incorrectly.

Clipped Gable Roofs

One of the most common gable roof styles is the clipped gable. The intersection of the two slopes on a clipped gable, also known as jerkinhead or hipped gable roof, is only a little edge. This modification has a significant impact on the aesthetic and functionality of the house. 

Thanks to the small clip on the home’s front, you can show off your gorgeous shingles. Also, you can have enough shade to install a window in your attic or upper-floor bedroom. Typically, you can find these roofs on bungalows and craftsman-style houses.

  • Clipped gable roof benefits:
  • Esthetically pleasant
  • Exhibit the shingles on your roof.
  • Shade attic windows
  • Lower wind force
  • Clipped gable roof downsides:
  • Due to its more complex design, has a higher cost than a gable roof.
  • The top floor has a reduced headspace.

Dutch Gable Roofs

Dutch gable roofs combine the best features of hip and gable roofs. The house’s front has a hipped roof, but a small gable called a “gablet” break up the roof’s peak. Besides, it can accommodate a small window or balcony. It is ideal for houses with an upper-level attic that you can use as a bedroom or living area that lets in more daylight. 

  • Dutch gable roof benefits:
  • It lets in more natural light, making it easier to heat the space during winter.
  • A departure in style from the standard gable roof
  • Accepts all common roofing materials.
  • Dutch gable roof downsides:
  • Complex installation
  • Demands attention to detail to avoid water leaks at the joints.
  • This roofing style is not appropriate for asphalt shingles since they can wear quickly. Metal is ideal.

Flat Roofs

Usually, we can see them in commercial buildings. But it may also be suitable for some homes. You can use flat roofs in several ways on a multi-storied house or an attached garage. Likewise, roofers can use rubber, built-up roofing, asphalt rolls, gardens, and other materials to construct environmentally flat roofs.

A flat roof’s surface is level enough to walk on. Yet, it has a tiny incline that helps water drain off when it rains. But, if it is not properly installed, it might spring leaks, letting water pool on the roof and penetrate the structure.

  • Flat roof benefits:
  • You can transform it into an outdoor living area or make space for an additional story.
  • Installation is quick and painless.
  • It is perfect for sustainable features like solar panels or roof gardens.
  • Does not have drainage issues.
  • Flat roof downsides:
  • Higher chances of pooling water
  • They have a short lifespan without correct installation and regular maintenance.
  • If you do not take care of it, invasive plant species can take over a garden on them, causing structural damage.

Gambrel Roofs

It has four slopes (two on each side) from the lowest to the highest point of the roof. This roofing style offers enough room for an attic living space. So, you can install large windows at either end of the house. Additionally, the gambrel roof has a significantly bigger surface for shingles. So, homeowners must think carefully about their shingles’ aesthetic and function.

  • Gambrel roof benefits:
  • Plenty of room for a bedroom, an office, or a playroom in the attic.
  • Its construction requires minimal materials.
  • The water drains and runs off well.
  • Offers space for additional windows, which let in natural light.
  • It provides a beautiful historical look to the house.
  • Gambrel roof downsides:
  • Eases snow and ice accumulation
  • Difficult to customize and fix.
  • Highly vulnerable to wind damage

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