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Why Should I pay a Deposit to My Roofing Contractor?


Why should I pay a deposit to my roofing contractor at Louisiana Roof Crafters? Replacing a roof is a significant investment for most of us. That’s why make sure to hire a reputable and experienced roofing company that can help you get a beautiful and durable roof right within your budget. In this article, we will discuss whether to pay your roofing contractor the entire amount upfront or a small part of it for your new roof. We have covered everything here to help you save money, time, and trouble when it comes to paying for your roof replacement project. 

1. Stay Away from Huge Discounts

While there’s nothing wrong with saving money, if you’re getting a huge discount on paying the entire amount in cash up front, that’s a big red flag. In such a situation, we advise you to look for some other roofer. Most trustworthy roofing contractors ask for a small down payment. But, when you make payment in full upfront and the roofer is not reliable, there are high chances that they will do a shoddy job or pay little attention to your project. What’s even worse is that they might not rectify the work in case it is not up to the mark.

2. Deciding on the Fair Amount

This is a little bit tricky. The fact is that any well-established roofing company has access to enough funds and resources to accomplish the job even if you pay nothing in advance. However, the acceptable upfront payment by reliable roofers is anywhere between 10% and 50%. If you hire any of these roofers, make sure you set a specific date to begin the work. And you should have the option to cancel the payment if the quality of work doesn’t meet your desired standards.  

3. Know the Reasons behind Full Upfront Deposit

A major part of the roofing expenses goes into purchasing the materials. That’s why some roofing contractors need money from their customers in advance to buy the supplies and materials. If you choose reliable and well-established contractors and you’ve faith in them, you can pay some of the amount upfront. However, if you’ve chosen a cheap contractor or a storm chaser, chances are that they will buy substandard products and usually perform an improper installation. So, paying these contractors in full upfront is the quickest way to lose your hard-earned money. 

4. Choosing a Well-Established Contractor 

Most manufacturers reward well-established roofing contractors by providing them credit that allows them to pay the amount within 30-days at zero interest. Since most roofing systems just take a couple of days for installation, roofers have plenty of time to get the permits, make purchases, deliver the materials, and finish the installation before the due date for their payments. 

5. Look Out for Red Flags 

Besides the cost of materials, there can be other reasons why a roofing contractor asks for a huge upfront payment. Some of these are red flags you should keep an eye for. For example, your roofer might be cash strapped or he might need money to pay for their last job. The point is you’ll never want to work with a roofer that doesn’t have sufficient funds to even complete a residential roof replacement project. Rather, choose a contractor that asks for only a small deposit when the project begins and gives you the option to make progressive payments. 

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