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6 Reasons Not to Delay a Roof Repair


6 reasons not to delay a roof repair from Louisiana Roof Crafters. Many Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residents put off repairing their roofs when they need it. 

It is possible that you are concerned about your financial situation. You may assume that the issue can wait until the wet season is through. Even more, you may think it can wait until spring. 

Well, we have bad news for you:

Delaying roof repairs only will bring you serious problems!

Therefore, we will show you below the six negative effects of postponing roof repairs.

  1. Leaks: You run the danger of water entering your home or attic if you don’t remedy the damage. Even the simplest flaws can develop into significant issues if you do not address them right away. Over time, the gap will deepen as the water penetrates beneath the initial damage and expands. 

A leaking roof means you can’t wait. There is an urgent need for a roofing contractor here! These issues will only worsen and won’t go away unless you fix them.

  1. Pests: Having a well-maintained roof is always good news for the rest of your home’s structure and for your family’s health. A sturdy and healthy roof covering will act as a barrier against pests such as rodents and raccoons. These creatures will wreak havoc on your home if they can seize any gap in your roof or home’s structure.

If they do so, you will have to cope with a large family of mice or raccoons. Thus, the task of exterminating them will be arduous.

  1. Mold and Mildew: Even small extents of water damage can quickly turn into a big issue. For example, mold might form on your leaking roof because of moisture buildup and the humid atmosphere of our region. Once black mold has taken the roof, it is difficult to remove, and it may be harmful to people sensitive to it. 

Besides, the expense of eliminating the mold may be more than that of fixing your roof and preventing the problem.

    1. Safety Issues: Regardless of the type of roof, residential or commercial, staying in a building with a damaged roof is a safety threat for everyone there. Not only are moist flooring and puddles a threat for people to slip and fall. Also, severely damaged ceilings can end up collapsing. So, the risk that someone’s family or coworkers may suffer injuries is even more grievous.

    If you don’t take the appropriate safeguards, you might face a large medical bill or perhaps death.

    1. A lower property’s price: Do you have a timeline for when you would like to list your property? If you want to get the best possible deal for your home or commercial building, you must keep your roof in its best shape. Repairing any issue or even replacing that old roof will become an imperative necessity. 

    Remind that according to some studies, the roof represents around 40 percent of the total value of a house. Any potential buyer will think twice before paying the price you may ask for a building with a failing roof. After all, they would have to spend significant money repairing the roof right after acquiring the property.

    1. Increased Expenses of Repair: Waiting to fix your roof could cost you more money in the long run. Roof damage does not go away by itself. This situation will only become worse over time! 

However, if you decide to wait because you are concerned about the present estimate, keep in mind that it might go up.

Repair Your Roof with the Best in Baton Rouge, LA

  1. As you can see, it is a dangerous business to neglect roof repairs, especially in areas like ours. The harsh climate of Baton Rouge can make any small roofing issue scale incredibly fast. 

    So, to keep your home or business in good condition and your family or coworkers safe, you need the help of a local, professional roofing contractor.

    In this sense, for more than two decades, Louisiana Roof Crafters has served Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are a premier provider of construction and roofing services. 

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded us an A+ rating, and we could not be prouder because of that.

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