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Can I Repair My Roof Flashing?

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If you’re wondering, “Can I repair my roof flashing?” Let Louisiana Roof Crafters help you answer this. Despite spring being one of the most beautiful times of the year, it is also a time of year when your roof may experience some challenges due to the weather. Even though your roof flashing appears to be in good shape, problems can lead to leaks and other kinds of damage from water. The best way to avoid roof flashing problems is to know how to repair it in the first place.


What Is Roof Flashing?

Water is redirected away from damaged areas by using roof flashing, which is a thin, moisture-resistant metal piece used during roof construction. The internal insulation serves as a barrier between walls and roofs, as well as an additional layer of protection against the tiny gaps created by the installation of chimneys and vents. It is a requirement for roof flashing to be used whenever two parts of a roof are connected for them to be watertight and not susceptible to wind damage.

How Do I Know If My Roof Flashing Needs Repairs?

Your roof flashing may be experiencing some problems if you have leaks around your chimney or joints. It’s not a considerable idea to wait until there’s a problem before fixing it, as roof flashing failures can lead to costly and complicated repairs. An annual roof flashing inspection is recommended by roofing professionals.

Can I Repair My Own Roof Flashing?

There are some more straightforward repairs you can accomplish on your own, but we strongly discourage you from doing so. To install and repair roof flashing correctly, you need to have a better understanding of how roofing works. 

Roof flashing that is repaired incorrectly leaves your roof vulnerable to wind and water damage. Home repair is something you should continually educate yourself about, but roof flashing repairs are not something you should do on your own. The flashing repairs should be carried out by a roofer who is experienced and trained in these types of repairs.

How Does a Roof Flashing Repair Work?

Damage to roof flashing varies according to what it is and how extensive it is. Here are some of the primary repair steps roofers follow:

Step 1: Remove Shingles around the Roof Flashing

It is necessary to altogether remove the roof shingles surrounding the flashing to gain access to it. It is not possible to reach the flashing base while working around the shingles. Another reason that this job should be left to a professional roofer is that shingles can be damaged when being removed.

Step 2: Address Minor Repairs

Occasionally, roof flashing can become corroded, leaving tiny holes. The edges of these holes are roughened by the roofer to allow a patch to adhere readily. A flashing material patch will then be applied over the hole, and roofing cement will be used to secure it. The top and edges will be waterproofed with additional cement.

It may be necessary to replace the flashing if it is excessively corroded, in which case additional steps will need to be taken.

Step 3: Remove Any Fastening Materials

Roof flashing must first be removed from the roof using roofing mortar or caulk. This is delicate work, and mistakes can lead to damage to the roof. As the mortar is chipped away carefully, the flashing can be pried off the roof and discarded. Once the mortar has been removed, the roof can be replaced as usual.

Step 4: Install New Roof Flashing and Reinstall Shingles

Installing new roof flashing is now possible. The flashing should be nailed securely and waterproofed at all edges. To prevent inadvertent leaks, nails should be capped with roofing cement. Shingles can then be reinstalled once the flashing has been installed and sealed.

The knowledge you have gained in repairing roof flashing can help you prepare your roof for spring. Make an appointment with some experienced roofers to have your roof flashing inspected. You won’t regret it.

You can trust Louisiana Roof Crafters if you need roof flashing maintenance. Our roofing company has been serving residential and commercial customers for over years. As a roofing business, we pride ourselves on providing quality services and a reassuring warranty. Call Louisiana Roof Crafters at 985-238-4575 for more information. We service areas in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, and New Orleans, LA.

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