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Homeowners Guide to Roofing Insurance Claims

Homeowners Guide to Roofing Insurance Claims

Homeowners Guide to Roofing Insurance Claims from Roof Crafters. Our beloved home is certainly the most important thing we own. For most of us, they also happen to be our biggest investment. For this reason, if the roof of our home sustains some damage, the best way to fix the issue is to hire a trusted roofing contractor to either repair it or completely replace it.

At Roof Crafters, we specialize in top-quality roof repairs and replacements as well as building new roofs from scratch. Our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with the highest quality roofs right within their budget.

How to Determine the Extent of Roofing Damage?

  1. At Roof Crafters, we leave no stone unturned to make your roof as resilient and durable as possible. That being said, even the strongest and the costliest roofing systems are not indestructible especially in the absence of proper maintenance.

    Extreme weather conditions like storms, hurricanes, high winds, and hail can wreak havoc on your roof and result in all kinds of roofing issues including broken shingles and roof leaks.

    Therefore, it’s critical to determine the extent of your roofing damage before filing your insurance claim. The easiest way to do that accurately is to choose experienced professionals for the job.

    At times, even the most severe roofing problems can be fixed without much effort. On the other hand, sometimes seemingly minor issues like a couple of missing shingles could lead to serious water damage if left unattended. If the damage is severe, the best thing you can do is get in touch with the insurance company and get ready to file the claim.

Can Your Insurance Company Reject Your Claim?

There may be cases when the insurance company can outright reject your claim. This is especially true in cases where the insurance inspectors conclude that the owners could have prevented the damage.

For instance, if your roofing damage has occurred due to some low-hanging branches, there are chances that your claim will be rejected because you could’ve trimmed the tree to prevent this.

In simpler terms, anything that is preventable could potentially be the reason for the rejection of the claim. Some of the other preventable causes of roofing damage may include termite damage, mold growth, and even faulty pipes.

So, what should be your next logical step if your roof has sustained some severe damage but you don’t know how to prove it? In this scenario, hiring an experienced and trusted roofing contractor is of paramount importance. They can explain your roofing damage to your insurance assessors in detail that can help approve your claim for full settlement.

What Is an Insurance Assessor?

As soon as you file the claim, your insurance provider will send an assessor to examine your roofing damage. Basically, they will determine the extent of damage and if it’s real or not.

It’s worth mentioning that most insurance companies are not willing to approve the claim immediately. Even if they approve the claim, they try to settle it for as little as they can. That being said, we’re not saying they commit some kind of fraud to reduce the claim money. The fact is that insurance companies have become more cautious than ever before when it comes to approving claims because of the increasing number of insurance frauds nowadays.


What Are The Different Types Of Insurance Deductibles And Coverage? 

The deductibles are an essential part of roofing insurance claims. The coverage can be classified into two types. They will determine the amount of money you’ll receive to repair your roof.

The first one is ‘Replacement Cost Value’ or RCV. In this coverage, the company doesn’t consider the depreciation of your roofing system and provides you with adequate money to repair your roof. The total money you will get is calculated by subtracting the deductible.

The second type is Actual Cash Value or ACV. This coverage is calculated by considering the depreciation of your roof. So, you’ll get money after taking out both deductible and depreciation value from the total cost of your roof. For instance, if the cost of your new roof is $10,000, you might receive as little as 3000-4000 USD.

Check the Insurance Estimate

Now, once the assessment has been done, your insurance provider will give you a claim estimate. It’s important for both homeowners as well as the contractor to properly review the claim estimate and make sure that everything is accurate. Generally, if you feel something is wrong, make sure to get the estimate rectified before starting any kind of work on your roof.

Roof Crafters’ Homeowners Guide to Roofing Insurance Claims

At Roof Crafters, we take immense pride in being the most experienced and trusted roofing contractor in the region when it comes to handling roofing damage. Additionally, our vast experience in the roofing industry allows us to help homeowners and businesses make the most of their roofing investments. For more guidance and information on our roofing services, get in touch with our Roof Crafters’ experts at 985-241-8045 and get a FREE estimate today in Baton RougeHammond, Mandeville, and the Northshore of Louisiana.

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