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The Safest and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Roof

Roof Wash Services from Roof Crafters. When you look at your roof, what do you see? Do you see a roof that’s clean and clear of any growth, or do you notice some brown, black, or green stains?

If your roof has stains on it, those stains could be an indication of an algae growth problem. Not only are they unsightly and can affect your home’s curb appeal, but some types of roof stain can also cause the granules on your shingles to erode away, leaving you with an ugly roof with compromised protection and a shorter life span.

But don’t worry! While the stains look horrible, they don’t necessarily mean it’s time for a new roof. All you need is to call Roof Crafters to clean your roof and make it look brand new again! 

Here’s Our Safe and Effective Process of Cleaning Your Roof

From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to providing the highest quality roof cleaning in the industry.

And the way we do this is by utilizing a two-part process that’s designed to not only clean your roof but also treat it to protect it from future roof problems like moss and algae growth.

Part 1: Inspecting the Roof

Our first step in cleaning your roof is to inspect it to identify any issues that can cause water penetration, the type of materials used, and sometimes the age of the materials This is important because certain treatments may not be suitable for some types of roofs and some roof condition is not good enough for us to perform a roof washing service on top of it. This will also give us an idea of how bad the damage is, how long the cleaning will take, and how much the service will cost.

Part 2: Cleaning and Treating the Roof

Our cleaning process begins with a high volume, low-pressure washing to remove the unwanted organisms from your roof. This step includes a unique rinse process that removes any residue and helps prevent flash rusting. We then start treating your roof using roof-a-cide, the original and only EPA registered algaecide/fungicide treatment for cleaning and preventing the regrowth of unsightly and damaging Algae, Moss, Lichen, Liverworts, and Fungus Growth on roofs. This gentle yet powerful treatment is perfect for all types of roofs, including shingles and tile. 

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Why Roof-A-Cide?

1. It’s a Cleaning and Treatment Solution in One: Once applied, Roof-A-Cide® creates a protective barrier around the granules of your shingles to keep algae and other stains from returning for up to 20 years

2. Eco-Friendly and Chemical Free: Roof-a-Cide is eco-friendly and contains no chlorine, bleach, or phosphates. It’s safe for kids, pets, and plants while it works to control algae on the roof and siding of your home or business. 

We don’t use chemicals on cleaning your roof because they’re not only bad for your roof, but it’s also not good for you, your family, or the environment.

3. Recommended and Proven by Leading Roof Manufacturers: Roof-a-Cide® is the only roof cleaning product recommended by leading manufacturers of shingles and tile roofs like Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF. 

Is Your Roof Stained? Call Roof Crafters Right Away!

Many people think that once their roofs turn black or green, there’s nothing they can do but replace it. This isn’t true! With Roof Crafter’s roof washing services, your roof can be restored to its original color and texture, preventing further wear and tear from organic growths such as algae, mold, and fungus. 

Roof Wash Services from Roof Crafters:

  • Allowing your home to look new again by removing mildew, mold, and other stains from the surface of your home. 
  • Saving you money on costly repairs, as a clean roof will last longer than an unclean one. 
  • Eliminating the need for regular maintenance, because our treatment is long-lasting and won’t require frequent reapplication like other products on the market today. 
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your family isn’t being exposed to harmful chemicals while living under a dirty roof!

If you want to experience these benefits and make your roof look brand new, call Roof Crafters today for a free estimate 985-241-8045 in Baton RougeHammondMandevilleSlidell, and Metairie, LA. 

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