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How Can I Find out How Old My Roof Is?

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If you’re wondering, how can I find out how old my roof is, Louisiana Roof Crafters can help you out. Age can be a crucial detail when it comes to maintaining or replacing your roof. You can determine just how old your roof is by looking at a few telltale signs.


Signs of an Aging Roof

Roofs age due to normal wear and tear, storm damage, and mild weather events. Water damage could be prevented by repairing certain signs of an aging roof. Your roof may need replacing if it has reached or exceeded its lifespan.

Curling Roof Shingles

The curling or buckling of asphalt shingles usually indicates a roof that is 12-15 years old and is at the end of its lifespan. Roofing shingles that are curled may also indicate improper installation or a poorly ventilated attic that traps heat.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Roofing shingles can be damaged or removed by severe storms or falling debris. Wear and tear cause the same damage to your roof as it ages, however. As soon as you notice a missing shingle in your roof, you should also inspect your attic for signs of water damage or leaks if your roof is old.

Rusted Flashing

Flashing protects your roof from leaks. In addition, you’ll likely need to replace or repair it before your roof reaches its end. It’s a sign that your roof should be inspected and replaced if the flashing is cracked, damaged, or rusted.

Ensure your flashing looks good, is in good condition, and does not allow water to enter your home. You can use this to determine the age of your roof and identify other possible problems.

Flashing is sometimes missing from older roofs because it was not required by code. Kick-out flashing is an excellent example of this. Older roofs need it because it wasn’t required by code. Although not having this can’t cause damage to your siding, it can leave it susceptible to water damage.

Moss or Algae on the Roof

Algae and moss can grow if you fail to maintain and clean your roof correctly. Furthermore, it indicates that it isn’t working correctly. The moisture on your roof will cause the shingles of your roof to separate as the root system takes root, which results in even more areas where moisture can enter. A professional should be contacted at a minimum if you see moss on your roof.

Rusted or Exposed Nails

Your shingles may be coming loose if you see exposed nails. Rain, snow, and wind can undoubtedly cause this over time. Due to being exposed to the elements, they can rust more quickly. They can loosen. As a result, exposing your home to leaks.

Damaged Roof Valleys

Your roof’s valleys allow water to run into your gutters and downspouts. As shingles shift or come loose, valleys lose their integrity. The debris in your roof valleys could indicate that it is damaged.

Missing Granules

As granules protect the tar underneath your shingles, they are the first defense against UV rays and moisture. Your roof becomes vulnerable to the elements as soon as those are compromised. Granule loss is caused by hail, debris, and normal wear and tear. A roof that is losing lots of granules can lead to lower performance and indicates the need for a new one.

Your Neighbors are Getting Their Roofs Replaced

Neighborhoods are built at the same time. It might be suitable to replace your roof if you see or hear your neighbors getting theirs replaced. Most likely, if you’re noticing some of these signs, your roof has not been replaced in recent years.

How Old Is My Roof: 5 Simple Ways to Determine the Age

If your roof shows any of these symptoms, it’s likely nearing the end of its lifespan, and the damage will indicate its age. The exact age of your roof can be found in a few places if you’re curious, even if someone else put it in.

Ask the Previous Owners if Possible.

Finding out how old your roof is can be difficult if you recently purchased your home or within the last few years. Asphalt or similar roofing materials may be nearing their lifespan if they don’t know. Slate and metal roofs are much more durable.

Track Down a Building Permit

You should find out about any contracting work, including roof replacements, that have taken place on your property over the years in your building permit.

Get an Inspection

Whether your roof is old or not can be accurately determined by an insurance adjuster or local contractor based on factors like those we listed above, as well as any records they may have on your home. Their assessment of your roof will help you determine how long it has left and provide an estimate of the cost of any repairs or replacements that need to be done.

Find Out the Roofing Company and Request a Receipt

The brand of the shingles you have on your roof, or the name of the company that installed it should be able to tell you when those shingles were installed. Your roof’s age will be determined exactly to the day by this.

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