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How Can I Protect My Gutters?

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If you’re asking, ‘how can I protect my gutters?” LA Roof Crafters can help you out. We can feel the chilly winds now that the cold front has pushed through, and Leaf Season has begun. The weather has been too hot. So, the foliage won’t be as brilliant as usual, but it finally feels like fall.


There Will Be Leaves Falling Very Soon… On Your Roof! 

What is wrong with leaves blowing away? If they form a pile, your children will be happy to jump into them! Likewise, you can see what your neighbors are up to through the trees when the leaves fall. Beyond that, fallen leaves may be bad news for your roof. 

When rain falls on a roof full of leaves, they end up sliding into your gutters, causing blockages when they get wet. 

Leaves in Your Gutters Are a Red Flag for Your Roof

To fully grasp this, you must be familiar with roofing and guttering. Where will all that rainwater go? This is where a drainage system comes into play.

Guttering and downspouts serve a critical purpose. Your roof will need a drainage system to drive away the rain and snow melting from your home’s walls and foundation. 

It is excellent when everything fits together perfectly. 

However, leaves can clog your pipes and cause flooding when gutters do not work well. Problems with the roof and gutters might arise from a lack of maintenance on the gutters. The roof and perhaps the foundation of your house are at risk of water seepage if this problem persists.

Homeowners in Louisiana who deal with blocked gutters have two choices:

  • If your gutters get clogged, it is time to hire a professional cleaning service.
  • Install a gutter guard to keep debris from accumulating and causing backups.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Homeowners fit gutters with a guard to prevent leaves from falling in them, while still allowing water to flow through. Gutter guards come in several shapes and materials; some are “helmets,” while others resemble screens. Vinyl or metal are the most common materials for gutters.

Should You Install Gutter Guards?

Without a doubt, you should do it. So, we will show you some of the advantages of installing gutter guards.

  • You won’t have to clean your gutters by hand anymore!

Having to clean accumulated rotting leaves and debris in the gutters is repulsive. Even with a blower or water stream, cleaning a roof may be a dirty job. Besides, it is dangerous to fall from a roof or a ladder. 

But you can avoid these dirty and risky tasks. With a gutter guard installed, you will reduce the time and effort required to maintain the gutters.

  • Ice Dams and Icicle Prevention

Water that freezes in your gutters might break them. Ice dams and dangling icicles are direct results of clogged gutters.

A gutter guard directs water flow down the gutters, eliminating the possibility of ice buildup. 

  • Keep Nesting Animals Out

You may think that animals such as birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and rodents are cute. However, you will not want them in your gutters, regardless of how adorable they may look. For the same reason, you should keep your gutters free of wasp or hornet nests. But, you may avoid nest formation by installing gutter guards.

  • They Help to Prevent Fires

You can use sticks and dead leaves from the gutters as kindling if they are dry. So, preventing fires is easier when installing gutter guards since combustible debris will not gather in them.

  • Prolong Your Gutters Lifespan

We recommend gutter protection because standing water, rust, and corrosion are all detrimental factors for gutters. 

Damaged gutters can lead to costly water damage for your house or business. Therefore, gutter guards protect your roof and home while lengthening the useful life of your gutters. 

LA RC Properly Install Gutter Guards

Do you want a local roofer to install gutters and gutter guards in your home? Trust LA Roof Crafters! 

For many years, we have served as a go-to roofing company for residents of the Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, and New Orleans, LA areas.

We can take care of all your gutter and gutter guard requirements. 

Louisiana Roof Crafters provides unrivaled support for its customers. In addition to roofs, gutters, and gutter guards, we also replace roofs, roof wash, and perform other exterior work. 

Call Louisiana Roof Crafters at 985-238-4575 for more information.

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