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How Do I Clean My Metal Roof?

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Are you wondering, “How do I clean my metal roof?” Let Louisiana Roof Crafters answer this for you! Regarding roofing, a metal roof is one of the best choices you can make as a homeowner. And if you’re looking to replace your old roof, choosing a high-quality metal roof can deliver you the ultimate peace of mind as it needs minimal maintenance and can easily last a lifetime if installed properly. For instance, a high-quality steel roof with an aluminum-zinc alloy coating can have over 100 years. Metal roofs are increasingly becoming popular mainly because they need little to no maintenance during their lifespan. 


Cleaning Tips for Your Metal Roofs

The fact is that no roofing system in the world is indestructible. Though metal roofs need minimal maintenance, they’re not completely maintenance-free. With that in mind, here are some metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips you should follow to make the most of your roofing investment.

1. Get Rid of Leaves and Other Debris from the Roof

While metal roofs are very efficient in removing debris from the surface due to their vertical panels, leaves and dirt can still accumulate in low-slope areas like valleys. If left unattended, this debris can scratch and damage the protective coating of your metal roof. 

2. Clean Gutters and Downspouts Regularly 

Drains and gutters should be cleaned regularly to ensure they’re working properly. Clogged gutters can lead to standing water on your roof, resulting in rusting and structural issues over time. 

3. Remove Overhanging Tree Branches 

If there are trees around your home, make sure that no tree branches or limbs are touching or overhanging your roof. During storms and high winds, these limbs can damage the protective coating of your roof, and if they break off, they can cause severe structural damage to your roof and home.

4. Get Rid of Any Surface Stains and Build-Up Debris

Dust and dirt build-up is far less likely to occur on a metal roof than on other materials. However, in the absence of occasional cleaning, bird droppings, dust, and dirt can collect over time. So, it’s a good idea to wash your metal roof now and then thoroughly. But remember to stay away from harmful cleaning agents and high-pressure washers.

5. Check Your Roofing Panels for Signs of Damage

It is important to conduct a thorough roofing inspection, especially after an extreme weather event. Though metal roofs are exceptionally durable and weatherproof, extreme weather hazards can cause invisible defects even in the strongest roofing systems out there. If not fixed immediately, these small issues can become large-scale problems over time. Addressing minor issues right away can save you both time and money in the long run.

Extend Lifespan of Your Metal Roof with Preventive Maintenance 

1. Check Seams and Panels 

The strength and integrity of a metal roof largely depend on the weather tightness of its seams. Make sure that your metal roofing panels have not become dislodged or loose. And the seams are in good condition. Experienced roofers consider thermal contraction and expansion while installing a metal roofing system.

2. Tighten loose fasteners

In the case of exposed fasteners, it is easy to check them for any damage yourself. Ensure that your roof’s screws, rivets, and fasteners are not loose or missing. While at it, ensure the gasket washers are in good condition. Choosing a standing seam metal roof is a better option as they come with concealed fasteners. 

3. Look for Any Damaged or Loose Flashing

A common source of roof leaks is damaged, missing, or loosened flashing. Though many types of flashings are made of thin pieces of metal, their design is different from that of metal roofing panels. In absence of proper maintenance, metal flashing can corrode, wear out, or rust over time. In addition, if the decking or underlayment is visible, it’s critical to repair or replace your roof’s flashings immediately. 

4. Pay Special Attention to the Penetration Points

It is important to install high-quality metal flashing around the special roofing components like skylights, air vents, solar panels, and chimneys. These flashings need to be inspected regularly. And make sure to check the mount areas where these features are installed by drilling through the surface. These areas are highly vulnerable to developing roof leaks if not maintained properly. 

The Way Forward

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