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Top 7 Spring Roofing Problems

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In this article, LA Roof Crafters explains the top 7 spring roofing problems. Your home will probably benefit from a spring cleaning as the weather warms. Your home’s exterior, especially your roof, deserves attention as well as its interior. Your home’s roof is best protected by a professional roofing team. When springtime arrives, be sure to look for these seven roofing problems.


1. Damage from Trapped Moisture

You can get water stuck inside your roof because of heavy snow and debris. If trapped moisture is building up in your home, you should address it immediately to avoid leaks. On low-sloped roofs and gutters, leaf debris can collect moisture that wears down your home over time.

Water damage to roof shingles occurs when leaves rot and draw moisture from the air. Snow and wind also wear down your shingles in winter. Energy bills increase over time due to wet roof insulation.

How to Fix Trapped Moisture Damage on Your Roof

Make sure your roof is structurally sound before spring rains arrive. Keep your roof clean to prevent or fix damage caused by trapped moisture. You can also hire a professional to inspect your roof. You can reduce the risk of leaks and save money by repairing these worn-out components.

2. Failed Membranes and Underlayment

Water can penetrate through gaps in your roof’s protective layers, allowing water to leak in. Membranes and underlayment can weaken as the temperature fluctuates. The cold winter season might have caused some wear and tear on older membranes. This can lead to cracks in the spring. 

Moisture cannot enter your roof’s other parts or even leak into your home through the roof’s underlayment. Depending on the temperature, delicate materials can warp and crack, leaving gaps between them. During the separation process, water can enter and damage the flashing. A damaged roof can also lead to leaks and pests inside your home.

How to Fix Failed Membranes and Underlayment

During your spring maintenance routine, make sure you inspect the roof’s foundation. Your roof should be inspected, and any damaged materials replaced by a professional roofer to ensure its continued protection.

3. Damaged, Loose or Missing Shingles

Roofing shingles provide safety and aesthetics for your home. The edges of shingles can warp or split when frozen. Inexperienced roofers can also cause your roof’s lifespan to be reduced, causing loose or damaged shingles.

Water, debris, and pests can enter your home through missing, loose, or damaged shingles. A leak could cause mold to grow in your building materials and wood to rot, while pests can carry diseases and cause structural damage. 

How to Fix Damaged Shingles

When the snow melts and the weather warms, you should inspect your roof for uneven, split, or curled shingles, especially along the edges. Ensure that any worn-out or missing shingles are replaced by a professional roofing company to maintain your home’s appearance.

Also, make sure that your gutters’ downspouts are clean of shingle granules. Your shingles can last a long time when they are inspected and replaced by a roofing professional.

4. Pest Infestations

Insects, squirrels, raccoons, and birds can enter through a weakened roof. A structurally damaged roof allows pests into your attic or crawlspace, allowing them to settle there. 

When pests build nests on your property and multiply, they can damage your roof, chimney, and eaves. The electrical wiring in your home can be damaged by squirrels, mice, and raccoons. Insects that feed on wood can eat through rotted wood on your roof.

How to Deal with Pest Infestations

Trim nearby trees and branches away from your property to prevent climbing animals from reaching your roof. Make sure any damage to your roof that could attract pests is repaired by a professional roofing company.

When dealing with a pest infestation, it’s helpful to contact a local animal removal company. 

5. Active Leaks

Water damage and other issues can result from active leaks in your roof. Your attic or crawl space may be stained by excess moisture. Also, it could lead to mold growth, affecting indoor air quality and irritating allergy sufferers. Flooding on your floors and furniture can cause damage to your furniture and attract mosquitoes and other pests in the case of severe water leaks.

How to Fix Active Leaks on Your Roof

Before spring rains, check your roof for gaps and cracks to prevent water from seeping through. 

Identify and repair any damage to your roof by calling a local roofing company. Do not hire storm chasers to inspect your weather-damaged roof. 

6. Clogged and Damaged Gutters

You need gutters to keep your property in good condition during rainstorms. Fall and winter leaves can clog gutters and increase pressure. 

Water must be properly discharged from your roofing to prevent ponding. Spring tends to bring more rain, so make sure your gutters are working properly before they get worse.

How to Fix Clogged and Damaged Gutters

To prevent flooding on your roof and water damage to your home, you should clean and inspect your gutters. Most gutters are cleaned by climbing a ladder and brushing or hand-removing debris. 

If you notice your gutters are sagging or rusting, you should contact a professional roofing company.

7. Chimney Deterioration

The chimney on the roof of your house removes smoke from your house if your house has a fireplace. The elements tend to cause cracks around the chimneys of older homes. 

The chimney can leak into the home if it has been neglected for many years. Roof shingles and underlayment can be damaged by the impact of heavy materials. In addition to inviting pests into your home, a dormant chimney also offers them shelter during the winter.

How to Fix Chimney Deterioration

If there is damage around your chimney, it’s important to repair it to prevent costly repairs down the road. Early spring is the best time to check your chimney for cracks. The mortar should also be caulked and cracked bricks should be replaced. Having a chimney inspection or calling a local roofing company can assist you in repairing or replacing damaged roofs caused by deteriorated chimneys.

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