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What Are Some Ways to Avoid Roofing Scams?

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If you’re wondering what are some ways to avoid roofing scams, Louisiana Roof Crafters can help you out! Roofing scams are as old as the roofing industry itself, and they seem to be getting more sophisticated. In fact, some of the most common roofing scams are so good that homeowners don’t even realize they’ve been taken until it’s too late.  


There’s no denying that roofing scams are a major problem, and with thousands of homeowners falling victim each year they are becoming more sophisticated. If you’re thinking about installing a new roof or getting your existing roof repaired, beware of these common roofing scams so you don’t fall for them and waste your hard-earned money:

Scam #1: The Rip-Offs

These are the easiest scams to spot because they’re so blatant. They usually involve contractors who call on the phone, come over unannounced, or show up at your door offering cheap roof repairs or replacements. These contractors will not have proper licenses or insurance, and they may even use substandard materials or methods that could put your family at risk. If a contractor knocks on your door offering low prices for services, just say “no thanks” and hang up the phone.

Scam #2: Bait-and-Switch Tactics 

A bait-and-switch tactic involves an unethical contractor who offers one price for services, then tries to switch you over to another price once he’s on-site and has begun work on your roofing project. This often happens with shingle installations; he’ll offer one price when he arrives at your home but then tries to tell you that there was damage underneath (which wasn’t there before) and he needs an additional payment before he can finish installing the new shingles! The best way to avoid this scam is to get everything in writing before signing anything or paying any money. If a contractor won’t agree to this request, it’s likely that they’re trying to pull a fast one on you! 

Scam #3: The “Emergency” Scam 

An emergency scam is one where someone tries to convince you that there is an emergency with your roof, and they need your help right away. They have no intention of helping you at all and are just trying to get money from you. If someone tells you that there’s an emergency but doesn’t provide any details or proof, they’re probably trying to scam you out of money.

Scam #4: The “Free” Repair Scam 

This type of scam involves someone who offers to fix a small part of your roof for free if they can collect a deposit first. They’ll then come back later with bad news about how the rest of your roof needs repair too and ask for more money before they’ll do the work on the rest of it. Don’t fall for this trick!

Scam #5: The Rustling around

A contractor offers to install shingles on your home at a price much lower than market value — often because he doesn’t have enough supply on hand — but asks for an upfront payment before starting any work. Then he disappears without finishing the job, leaving you with patchy shingles or even no roof at all! 

How To Avoid Roofing Scams 

Roofing scams are common, but you can protect yourself from them by following these tips: 

  • Avoid any contractor who asks for money upfront.
  • Ask friends, neighbors, and family members for recommendations of reliable contractors in your area. 
  • Ask for references and check them out.
  • Get at least three bids before choosing a contractor.
  • Be wary of anyone who knocks on your door asking to repair your roof.
  • Ask about their experience and how many projects they’ve done like yours.
  • Ask for references and call them before choosing a contractor.
  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured if required by law in your state or local area.
  • Ask about warranties and guarantees.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which keeps track of complaints against companies.

Don’t Fall Prey to Roofing Scams – Trust Your Roofing Needs to Us! 

If your roof needs repair or replacement, it can be tempting to hire the first contractor who comes along. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the contractor you’re considering is reputable and qualified.

Don’t fall into the trap of hiring just any contractor. Trust your roofing needs to us, who has a long history of successfully completing projects. We provide honest quotes, we always operate within the law, and we never compromise on quality just to get a job done faster and make a buck. 

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