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What Should I Know About Gutters

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Are you wondering, “What should I know about gutters ?” Louisiana Roof Crafters is here to help you out! The value of a reliable roof system is understood by most house owners. All the components of the roof, ranging from decking to the underlayment, are critical to its endurance and durability. 


For areas that face heavy snowfall and rainfall, gutters are also important for the roof system. Most people spend good fortune on getting a new gutter system installed, but they don’t have any idea about what they should look for after the project is finished. 

This would be a dangerous situation, especially if gutters were installed by an inexperienced contractor. Gutters won’t serve their purpose, and you won’t check them anytime soon due to the installation of the new system. Well, don’t worry, as here you will learn everything to have a complete overview of a gutter system. 


If you are designing the gutter system of your house all by yourself, you will have to pay heed to two things. The first thing is to figure out the length of the roof from slope to slope to learn about the total length of the gutter system. If you have a big house, get help from a friend to do the survey and get exact measurements.

The second thing is to learn about the width of gutters. This is tricky for house owners as they don’t know the secrets. You have the option to contact the local zoning office to learn about the width of gutters according to the weather conditions of your city. 

If you have tried these methods but can’t get the width of the gutter system, you will have to calculate it by yourself. This can be easily done with basic knowledge of math. Learn about the area of the roof in square feet and the average rainfall in your city. The size of the gutter system depends on the amount of rain and the size of the roof. The average gutter size for most residential buildings is five inches, but it can go up based on the above-mentioned factors. After every forty feet or so, you will have to downspout to the gutter system. 


Those who want to install the gutter system by themselves must follow these steps. Lay the gutter system down in front of the house to start the process. Weld the end caps to lengths. To install downspouts, cut the needed holes. After all, this is done, the next step is to use rafters to install gutter hangers. To avoid sagging in the future, try to reduce the space between these gutter hangers. If they are installed at a distance, they usually lead to stagnant water. 

After doing all this, the next step is to hang the gutter lengths toward the downspouts. Don’t forget to add a slight pitch downwards. The average pitch size for the gutter system is one to two inches every forty feet or so. Too much pitch or too short pitch are both bad for the gutter system. After laying the lengths, it is time to attach downspouts with the help of welding or zip screws. 

You also must weld down those corners. This process is difficult and requires training, so hire LA Roof Crafters and let them handle everything from here. Hiring a contractor can cost you some extra money, but it is worth it. The biggest benefit of hiring a professional is that you will get a manufacturer’s warranty as well as an installation warranty. If anything goes wrong, the contractor will get it fixed for free. You can sit back and relax and let professionals handle the gutter installation project. 


After every three months or so, you should inspect your gutters by yourself, no matter when you have installed them. It is very important for the maintenance of the gutter system. The inspection will give you an insight into the condition of the system. You can do normal cleaning of gutters by yourself. This includes removing dirt, leaves, and other foreign elements. Look for signs of damage and deal with normal damage by yourself. 


Some factors in saving money while getting repairs done are learning about the working of a gutter system, hiring the right contractor, and maintaining the system in good condition. Call Louisiana Roof Crafters at 985-238-4575 for more information. We service areas in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, and New Orleans, LA.

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