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What Do I Need to Know About Commercial Roof Coatings

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Have you ever thought “what do I need to know about commercial roof coatings?” Louisiana Roof Crafters can help you answer this question. Are you a commercial building owner? If so, you may be worried about how to preserve the roof of your business. Commercial roof coating methods keep new and existing roofs in good shape and help them last longer.


What Do I Need to Know About Commercial Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings are layers that contain a higher percentage of solids than paint and are thicker than this.

Low-slope roofs can benefit from coatings that prevent water, physical, and chemical damage. Besides, roof coatings are the most efficient way of reducing construction expenses while improving environmental friendliness.

The roofing coatings’ objective is to offer long-term protection against UV rays, high winds, excessive rainwater, and other hazardous factors.

Because of the high-quality resins in roof coatings, the protection they provide has remarkable durability and is quite elastic. Therefore, the coating can maintain its elasticity throughout time. This elastomeric layer boosts the coating’s waterproofing properties by allowing it to bridge membrane gaps and fractures on rooftops.

Where Do the Roof Coatings Come From?

Several thousands of years ago, Egyptians began employing gelatin, beeswax, clay enamels, and varnishes to protect wooden vessels from the elements. Balsam and pitch were the first materials they used for protective coatings later.

Japan, China, and Korea created their own varnishes and lacquers separately in the second century B.C. They used them as protective coatings for buildings, furniture, and artwork. Varnishing and painting their dwellings, artwork, and ships with colors was also common practice among the Early Greeks.

Human beings used stucco pastes made of sand, water, gypsum, limestone, and several cold-applied combinations of water, soil, and clay in the oldest known dwellings in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Besides, Babylon’s inhabitants used mineral pith from riverbeds to make mud walls watertight. Currently, we still use protective coatings made from several of these compounds.

Advances in Roof Coatings

It wasn’t until a German scientist found that coal tar could be put to ropes and wood as a protective coating in the late 1700s that the quality of protective coatings improved greatly. 

During this time, scientists came up with novel synthetic, organic, and inorganic compounds that could be used as binding agents and solvents. Polymers, which were created more subsequently, were the most important advancement in coatings. 

In the middle of the nineteenth century, a new roofing material appeared. It was necessary to use hot coal-tar or pine-tar mopping’s, and a rag felt to layer the mopping’s with gravel and cover everything in tar. Eventually, asphalt would replace the tar, and the fiberglass mat would replace the rag felt, creating the built-up roof (BUR).

For over a century, the only choice for low-slope roofs was the hot-applied BUR. People began using cold-applied roof coatings for roofing felt plies in the middle of the twentieth century as roof coatings became more prevalent. Thus, hot asphalt and roofing kettles were no longer necessary. 

Nowadays, manufacturers can make a wide variety of materials thanks to rapid advancements in roofing technology. 

Advantages of Coatings for Commercial Roofing Systems

Roof coatings are among the most cost-effective and low-cost options for commercial roofing. Expert roofing contractors can protect your roof from harsh natural factors like wind and UV radiation by applying a coat on it. Additionally, roof coatings help to save a substantial amount of energy and are ecologically friendly.

In this sense, more and more businesses are striving to make their production processes and facilities as environmentally friendly as possible. So, many roofing companies are adapting their products to be eco-friendly in response to this development.

Roof coatings minimize a roof’s environmental effect. Hence, roofing companies are helping businesses become more environmentally responsible.

When installed correctly, commercial roof coatings may extend the life of your roof. They will protect your roof from UV radiation, water, and wind. Besides, it will make you save money by avoiding expensive repairs and delaying roof replacements for many years. 

Do you want to do your part for the environment? By applying a coating to your commercial roof, you will conserve energy and consume fewer resources.

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