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How Do You Remove Moss from a Roof?

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If you’re wondering “How do you remove moss from a roof” Let Louisiana Roof Crafters help you out! The presence of moss on a roof can make it look more appealing, but it can also cause serious damage to it if left unattended. Moss infestations can be difficult to remove at first because they aren’t obvious, but as they grow and become intertwined with your shingles, they become more noticeable. You can get water damage to your shingles from moss absorbing the water around it, which can eventually seep into your home. You need to know a few things and follow a few simple steps to clean moss off a roof.


Plants that look like furry green patches and grow in humid, shady places are mosses. The number of species of moss in the world is over 16,000, and there are many different types. Asphalt shingles and wood shingles are the most common roof surfaces where moss grows. Other species of moss will grow on different parts of the roof shingles, while others will grow on specific roof shingles like wood. Most likely, more than one kind of moss is growing on your roof if it has an infestation of moss.

Steps On How to Remove Moss from Roof

In the case that you are uncomfortable standing on your roof, you can hire a roofer to remove the moss for you.

A moss-killing product should be used to remove moss from a roof. Dry powder and liquid moss killers are available. Dry powder moss-killers are sprinkled over your roof and waited for the rain to wash them over your roof and kill them. A garden hose can be attached to the liquid moss killer, and then you can spray it over your roof. The dead moss must still be manually removed after the product has killed the moss.

Here are the steps on how to remove moss from roofs using liquid moss killer:

  • The moss is located on your roof. Use a ladder to safely reach it.
  • Spray all the areas affected by moss with the garden hose attached to the liquid moss killer bottle.
  • It should be stated on the product how long the product needs to be left to sit.
  • Water should be sprayed on your roof once the waiting period has passed. To prevent damaging your shingles, spray the roof from the side rather than at an upward angle. Moss will start falling off it at this point. Ensure that you spray enough water on the roof so that it eventually washes away.
  • At this point, you can remove any remaining moss by hand. Getting to the top starts at the bottom.

Here are the steps on how to remove moss from a roof with dry powder moss-killer:

  • Climb safely up to the area of your roof where the moss is located using a ladder.
  • Apply the dry powder parallel to the roof ridge and around two to three feet apart once you are in position on your roof.
  • Now you just need to wait for the rain to wash the powder over your roof as it mixes with the rain. It won’t take long for the moss to die or fall once that has been done.
  • At this point, you can remove any remaining moss by hand. Getting to the top starts at the bottom.

How You Shouldn’t Remove Moss from Roofs

Roof moss can be removed in several ways, some of which are good, and some of which are bad.

Using a pressure washer to remove moss from a roof is a common misconception about how to do it. Roof shingles can be damaged by pressure washers that apply too much pressure. It’s more likely that they will harm than help most people since they aren’t properly trained to use them.

Using scraping to remove moss from your roof can also cause damage to the shingles, so you should avoid doing so. It is possible to cause cracks in your shingles if you lift them too much due to moss’s ability to deeply adhere to them.

How To Prevent Roof Moss

It isn’t the most difficult thing to remove moss from a roof, but when you must do it constantly, it can be quite a hassle. Moss can be prevented from growing on roofs by taking several steps.

The best way to prevent moss on your roof is to trim trees or other large plants that cause shade. Moss loves the shade. You should consider trimming your trees or possibly completely removing them if you find that moss is collecting water from the leaves that fall on your roof.

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