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What Should I Do If My Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Is Denied?

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Are you asking yourself “What should I do if my roof replacement insurance claim is denied?” If your roof is damaged and you must file an insurance claim, it can be very frustrating. Following the initial call, you may find yourself buried in paperwork, visited by an insurance adjuster, and, of course, waiting for a long time. There is nothing more frustrating than having your insurance claim denied when you need to repair or replace your roof. When you are left with no options and out-of-pocket expenses, it can leave you feeling helpless. 


When an insurance company denies your claim, however, they don’t have the final say. Getting compensation for your roof repair may still be possible if you reopen your case. Louisiana Roof Crafters can help you identify how the roof was damaged and what needs to be done to repair it by performing a comprehensive roof inspection.  

Are There Any Options for You If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied? 

Insurance company denials aren’t set in stone. There are things you can do to reverse them.

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection 

Roofs are inspected by insurance claims adjusters every year. They aren’t roofing professionals, however. Therefore, they are likely to diagnose your roof incorrectly. You should also keep in mind that they represent the insurance company, not you. It is possible to hire a roofing company to perform a professional roof inspection if you feel the adjuster’s assessment is inaccurate.  

To determine how your roof was damaged and the extent of the damage, a contractor may arrive on site and inspect the damage as-is. In addition to repairing the roof, a professional roofer can also make recommendations. An inspection is comparable to consulting a doctor for a second opinion. The adjuster’s appraisal can be confirmed or contradicted, but it doesn’t necessarily solve your insurance problem.  

File an Appeal 

The insurance company’s claims adjuster may need to be notified of your appeal if you do not get satisfaction from explaining your position. Your claim must be filed within a limited time once it has been denied. Your homeowner’s insurance policy typically outlines the appeals process. 

If you file a formal appeal, the claim will be reviewed. Come prepared with as much evidence and documentation as possible to support your claim. To get a claim reviewed, you need to present this information in an organized manner.

Consult an Insurance Claims Professional 

Obtaining the assistance of a public insurance adjuster or an insurance attorney may be the best answer to your dilemma. Public adjusters review your homeowner’s insurance coverage document and value losses and negotiate settlements.

File a Formal Complaint 

You may need to take a different path if you believe the insurance company is not handling your claim properly. Although the insurance industry is regulated, the courts of the State are overloaded with property claims disputes and bad faith lawsuits.

If your claim has been handled improperly, you may file a complaint with the State insurance commissioner if you are a policy in good standing. You may be able to save thousands of dollars on a new roof if you go through a lengthy and complex process.  

How to Prevent Your Roof Replacement Insurance Claim from Getting Denied 

Many hurricanes, storms, or fire victims do not have the financial resources to replace their roofs following insurance denials. Each year, thousands of homeowners in different states suffer because of insurance denials. 

Unfortunately, they may lose the house in a foreclosure or short sale just to have a safe place to live. The good news is that you can minimize the chances of being denied a roof replacement claim.

Contact Your Local Roofing Company First 

A fire or hurricane may damage your roof, so you may be tempted to call your insurance company immediately. Instead, contact a roofing contractor immediately. Here’s why: A roofing contractor will give you a fair and objective roof inspection. An adjuster represents the insurance company, but the roofing contractor represents you.  

In addition, calling a professional roofer first allows you to have him present when you meet with the adjuster. Any questions can be directed to the contractor, who can provide intelligent answers. The contractor can confirm that the damage was caused by the disaster, and the contractor will indicate what the damage is.

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