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What to Do When Shingles Fall Off


Roof Crafters is here to explain what to do when shingles fall off. Your roof provides you protection from the invaders and keeps you warm during the winter. After the storm or strong wind, your roof shingles get missing and cause leakage in the roof. If you observe any missing shingles, contact your roofing contractor, and get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Why shingles would fall off your roof

There are the following reasons that caused your shingles to go missing:

Storm damage

Thunderstorms are common in Louisiana. A storm can cause damage to the shingles. When it’s safe to go outside, check the condition of the shingles, and if you observe dents or gaps in the roof, it means you need an inspection officer to check the condition of your roof. Also, look for the leaves and debris that come along with the storm. It can choke the gutter system and valleys of the top.

Old age

Asphalt shingles have long durability and can survive different weather conditions. But after a long time, the shingles may start to dry out and get cracks. As a result, the missing space can be a source of water seeping into the roof.

It’s essential to reinstall your shingle roof once it has completed its duration and contact your insurance company in this regard.

What to do when shingles fall off your roof

There are the following instructions to follow when you observe some missing or damaged shingles of your roof:

Contact a professional to conduct an inspection

Before contacting your roofing contractor, inspect the place by yourself to understand the type of service your roof requires. After reviewing the top, hire a local contractor to inspect the damage.

Our team will help you in the inspection and discuss the processes to solve the issues. We are experts in solving the problems that arise after harsh weather conditions. Our professional team at Roof Crafters is primarily trained to find the damage in less time. Moreover, we even used a drone camera for the inspection to get images of the complex areas of the roof without causing any injuries.

Claim with your insurance company.

Contact your insurance company for the claim if shingles go missing or get damaged. Most insurance companies pay for the replacement and repairers of the roof. If you hire us for the repair and replacement, we can ease your burden by claiming the insurance companies and informing them about all the damages and work we have to do to fix it.

Repair worn or damaged shingles.

If your roof is new and only a few shingles get damaged or go missing, you can contact your roofer for minor repayment and fix the broken shingles. But it’s essential to know that new shingles may not match the color of the previous one. If you are confident about the condition of your roof, then replacing the broken shingles is enough.

However, in the case of old roofs, there are more chances that water gets seep through the broken shingles and can cause leakage in the roof. In that case, total roof replacement is necessary.

Prevent future damage

Whether you have a new roof or the older one, you need to take care of it for safety in the future. Roofs need attention, and by periodic inspection of the roof, you can eliminate the more significant damage in the future. Consider cleaning your gutter system and avoid walking on the roof. If the issue is critical, consult your roofing contractor to take care of it.

Besides that, you can also join our monthly roofing maintenance program in which we will inspect your roof every month and do the repairmen if needed. If roof replacement is required, we will discuss the whole scenario with you before working on it.

Contact Roof Crafters to repair your fallen roof shingles

If your roof is damaged or missing some shingles, we can help you restore your roof. Roof Crafters is GAF Master Elite Company serving in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Covington, and surrounding areas, and we will assist you by replacing the missing and broken shingles with our high-quality material. If you want to contact us or have any confusion, give Roof Crafters a call at 985-241-8045.

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